The Kundalini Process: A Christian Understanding
by Philip St. Romain
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Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality
- by Philip St. Romain
Paperback and digital editions

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Yes, I wondered what was that all about!
And worked very hard so that it would never happen again. That is how I got extremely interested in health.. holistic health.. mental, physical, and spiritual... and learned and am continuing to learn all I can about how to live in the "heavenly realms", rather than the hell I went through. I really did think I was in hell when I was in the hospital. My sister in law visited me, and I was in the isolation room and on the floor on a mat, and she asked me if I knew where I was, (I was soooo out of it) and I told her... "hell".

One reason why I think this could have been, at least, partially related to kundalini, is that when I was coming "back" to "reality" I remember lying on my bed there, and seeing mandalas swirling and twirling in my inner vision... very strange it was. And gee, I don't know why I am sharing all this.. being sort of a secretive, private person.

Anyway, glory be to God, it is all behind me, and much good has come out of it.

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thankyou for sharing that with me. i guess i am at a place at the moment of comeing to terms with the whole experience which had and has brought up so much stuff mainly fear from going so far out of the normal and now liveing with the process of kunadalini and moveing forwrad. i have come along way but it is hard to make any firm decsions as every day can be a roller coaster. iam so glad i have come across this forum. i have always believed in that all things happen for a reason so im looking at this experience as a time to learn (about myself)and grow.but at present i feel a bit like a boat without a rudder and which way to go so its good to know that other people have been through similar experiences.
God Bless
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Originally posted by Phil:
What Are Some Ways to Cope with and Integrate Awakened Kundalini Energies?<br />by Philip St. Romain�<br />from "Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality"<br /><br />- those of you with additional suggestions, please add to this thread by sharing what has worked for you - <br /><br />1. Don�t panic! Fear only colors the energy darkly. There is nothing to fear if you cooperate with the process (or at least don�t frustrate it too much).<br /><br />2. If you have disturbing physical symptoms, get your doctor to check them out. Maybe it's not kundalini you're struggling with.<br /><br />3. Find someone to talk to about what is happening to you �preferably someone who knows about kundalini or spiritual growth.<br /><br />4. Accept the process as a sign of growth. Be grateful for the growth that is taking place within, painful though it may be.<br /><br />5. Do not work against the process. Pay attention to what hurts, and back off on activities that seem to frustrate the process (e.g., heavy reading, drinking alcohol, using drugs, smoking, immoderate sex, even too much meditation). Learn to �go with the flow.�<br /><br />6. Keep your intent of consciousness focused on BEING HERE NOW IN LOVE.<br /><br />7. Let the various states of consciousness produced by kundalini come and go. Experience and explore them, but do not attach to them. The True Self is not to be found in any particular state of consciousness.<br /><br />8. Surrender yourself into the care of Christ, Whose Spirit is capable of guiding your kundalini energies toward a wholesome integration. Trust that a Higher Guidance is at work in the process. Ask for this Guidance when confused; listen for the answers.<br /><br />9. Accept the pains that come and willingly cooperate with asanas and compulsions to meditate. These all pass away in time.<br /><br />10. Practice yogic asanas for at least fifteen minutes a day to help fadlitate the movement of the energy. Also consider using Tai Chi, massage, and/or movement therapies, especially when the energy seems to be blocked.<br /><br />11. Learn to breathe abdominally.<br /><br />12. Practice the mahabandha lock under the supervision of an experienced guide. Tuck the chin into the chest, drawing the navel inward and upward during exhalation while gently contracting the anal sphincter and perineal muscles. Keeping the chin tucked in, relax the muscies during inhalation drawing the navel outward to pull the diaphragm downward. Gently repeat this pattern of contracting and relaxing muscles while exhaling and inhaling deeply, attaching a spiritually focused mantra (e.g., �Come, Lord�) to the breathing pattern.<br /><br />13. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet, avoiding red meat, eggs, spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, and empty calorie sweets. Eat more fruit, vegetables, brown rice, grains, nutritious pastries, cheese, milk, yogurt, tofu, and nuts. These healthy foods probably do play a vital role in producing maximum nutrition and minimum pollution to a body undergoing physiological changes.<br /><br />14. During times of strong energy upheavals, keep food in the stomach. A small snack such as bread and butter every three hours will help to minimize burning sensations in the stomach.<br /><br />15. Avoid all forms of willful, competitive activities that generate fear and anger, for these will contaminate the energy with painful emotions.<br /><br />16. Learn to deal with feelings as they arise through proper communication skills.<br />- (note: see [i]Lessons in Loving[i/] workshop series under Internet Programs link from Shalom Place home page)<br /><br />17. Males should be especially careful about sexual expression. Although the research on kundalini and sexuality is only in its infancy, the experiences of many (the author included) point up a definite relationship between kundalini energy and sexual energy. Genital sexuality should not be divorced from love, or else one�s spiritual energy and physiological responsiveness will be lowered.<br /><br />18. Creative outlets of expression help to ground the energy. This was a turning point in Gopi Krishna�s experience of kundalini, and many others have noted the same. Activities such as dance, song, art, poetry, sculpture, gardening, and even long, quiet walks are helpful.<br /><br />19. When you don�t know what to do to cooperate with the process, it is better to do less than too much. For example, it is better to cut back on meditation than to meditate too much. It is easier to awaken a sleeping serpent than to tame an angry one.<br /><br />20. Above all, you should be careful about Egoic inflation, especially in the early stages. In certain states of consciousness, you may experience profound psychic gifts and feel like a great spiritual genius. You are still human, however. Even though it is not commonly observed, thousands of people throughout history have gone through this process. It�s just a part of our human development � that�s all!<br /><br />21. Get a good night�s sleep. If the ears hurt, sleep on your side with the ear hurting most (probably the right ear) downward.<br /> <br />22. If symptoms become too uncomfortably strong and painful, suspend meditation, eat more food, and get more exercise. Gradually resume meditation when uncomfortable symptoms have subsided. If this does not help, seek professional guidance.

This may sound like a silly question, but I'm a little confused about what may be frustrating the process and what may be cooperating with it. Is it same to assume as a rule of thumb that if the various symptoms become more physically painful, that the energy is running into some kind of blockage, whether in the energy body or in my actions, diet, mental attitude, etc? If the process seems to be running "in the background" with little physical pain, is this typically when we're cooperating the most?

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Hard to say, Paul. Sometimes you can associate painful experiences with diet, TV, etc. Other times it seems there's just no knowing what's going on. If the same kinds of pains persist for a few days, there's usually some insight into what's going on and why, but not always.
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Hi everybody
I am a Buddhist therapist and teacher and have been working as a kundalini therapist for several years.

I find your guidelines about what to do in a kundalini crisis most helpful and thoughtful.

I wonder if it is okay if I leave a link here for people who need more indepth guidance from a professional specialising to work with kundalini syndrome. I will just try - let me know if there is a problem.

I find that most of my clients who suffer from kundalini symptoms get better within a relatively short time.

I work by giving you a tailor-made meditation that addresses directly your needs. The heart of this process is to penetrate your issues with pure love.
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Welcome, Tara. I visited your link and other pages on your site and I like the approach you take. It does seem that with time and common-sense self-care approaches, things do calm down. Your emphasis on love is most helpful, I believe.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll visit us every now and then and share some of your experiences.
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Hi Tara,

I like your site too! Some nice testimonials!

It would be good to hear you share some of your insights about k difficulties here, if you felt like it.

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Hi Phil and Samson
thanks for the nice welcome!

There is so much to say about kundalini - I don't know where to start.

What I find important is to see the kundalini as an event of the mind rather than the body (even though it clearly has physical aspects). By working with our emotional and spiritual issues I find that in most cases physical symptoms subside.

In my work I help my clients to penetrate these issues with pure love. It is not difficult to do that but most people need guidance how to do that. The process is no secret - it;s described in my book 'The Five-Minute Miracle' (sorry, the boastful title was imposed by my publisher)

Let me know if you want to know more.
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Tara, I noticed on your website under the Chakras that you seem to indicate only 5. You leave out the base and crown - I'm wondering why that is?
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Hi Jaque,
this is the Tibetan Buddhist system - they lump the two bottom and two top chakras together.

I can't tell you exactly why they do this but every spiritual culture seems to have their own ideas about how many chakras there are. The Taoists, for example have only three main chakras.

I think it is important to see these ideas as suggestions that we can use to experiment. After all, chakras are not material things but energies/emotions which are movable and flexible by nature.

Hope this helps.
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To Phil

I just had bit deeper dig into this website and noticed that I have read your book about kundalini years ago. That's a really nice discovery - I had no idea.

I thought your book was very thoughtful and well-written. It's good to have this openness across the religions and focus on spirituality rather than on dogma. Thanks for doing such a good job at that and also for this great forum!
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Thanks, Tara. I also have an audio series on the chakra system that I've made available online.
- see

We've had quite a few people dropping in on this forum through the years, some of whom have been in great distress. We also have a solid little core group who try to help visitors. It'd be great to have you join us as well, and do feel free to list your site in your signature or whenever you feel it's appropriate.
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Hi Phil
I'd be delighted about joining your core group. What will I have to do? Simply posting replies to people here on the forum? I'd be happy to do that.

thank you for your generous permission to use my url in my signature. I will make copious use of that as my poor little website needs fertilising Smiler

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Tara, the core group is informal and unofficial -- just several people who check in from time to time and try to help those who have kundalini struggles.

Glad to be of assistance with your site. I don't always endorse kundalini sites, but I like your approach.
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My experience with Kundalini happened in 2003, very difficult to find help in that moment. I felt like suddenly I realized I was an ET and I needed to hide my real identity, which was very difficult because Kundalini was affecting me, the people surrounding me and even the environment. I don't want to go into much details about what I went through, I think it is more important to share with you guys out there who are currently in that situation. I could mention the following as tips to feel cool:

-completely forget about meditation, yoga, spiritual books and anything that makes you go back to your spiritual practices and way of thinking. I would say remove from your environment any kind of book, the poster of your favorite guru in the wall, etc, etc... the mind is very aware of all this stuff and sometimes looking at the cover of one of your yoga books can trigger everything again. Everything is going to be fine, you are just taking a break, you will come back in the future to your nice practices but before that you need to integrate that kundalini into your daily life.

-smile, smile a lot, spend a lot of times in cultivating positive attitudes. Practice of secret smile will help, do it as much as you can.

-if you see thinking creates weird feelings then focus on physical tasks. When I was in the first moments of my kundalini journey I spend a lot of time working in gardens planting trees and any kind of plants. Some workout can be helpful as well, always with a relaxed attitude and making sure your body is relaxed, that will let your energy to run smooth without blockages... and that is another thing, blockages will produce pain, most of the time when you feel strong movement of energy is because it is going through blockages. In my case the physical work was probably the most helpful tool to feel cool.

-drink a lot of water, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables... proteins, whether you are vegetarian, vegan or meat eater, make sure you eat good proteins.

-a good massage session given by a certified therapist can help to release tension and therefore to promote a good flow of energy.

-swimming in the sea was very nice as well and helped a lot in my case.

-most of the time the problem is because your energy is not rooted to the earth, your muladhara chakra is a bit weak, or simply too much activity in your higher chakras, that is why physical activities and everything that makes your root chakra strong is advised, but as I said before forget about your spiritual practices as much as possible and only approach to information about chakras very briefly, take the notes you need and hide those books.

-Kundalini and you are the same thing, think of it as your lover, your friend, approach to it in a very positive way, talk to it if you want, try to be one with it. You are in a very unique situation and you are going to learn a lot from it.

-if you find a good reiky therapist that can assist you then cool, in my case I received sessions with black tourmalines and the impact was very good!

Enjoy your journey!!
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