The Kundalini Process: A Christian Understanding
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Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality
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Just wondering too, if your feet need to 'kick' someone or some people from your past? Try dialoguing with your precious feet. C
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Hi Clare,
I tried what you said, but it didnt help,
The problem is that my feet are in pain and i cant walk.
Its not just cramp but its red , dont looks good,
i am a bit desparate i must admit,
i am afraid i have done something that destroyed the nerves, Were to go to what to do, what ? Pls, i need help with this.
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For some reason, I wasn't receiving email notifications of forum posts for awhile, and so missed out on this discussion, which I am happy to see has included several people.

I concur with the view that the excess-energy-in-feet issue is probably not about kundalini, which is not to say that there aren't other explanations of energy-gone-haywire.

hcb, I think you mentioned sometime back that you are diabetic? That could be one explanation for many of the issues you've described, here. What came to mind when I read your posts was "neuropathy," which is often a symptom of diabetes. This possibility should be explored with your doctors.

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"bear : i just have fysical complaints, but its all related to certain things."

well if you notice here you kind of are suggesting that its of medical condition rather than energy or kundalini related.

if it is an energy related cause, it Could be also ghost/demon. when i feel a ghost within my energy, it´s all physical. plus i feel physical=mental and that´s what science says also.

ghost/demon is only a possibility. i wouldn´t know via forum. however you probably want to explore many possibilities rather than concluding something with no good enough evidence with less likely finding help. Smiler
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