Resources to facilitate personal and Christian growth in a community of support.
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Philotheism: Blog by Phil St. Romain
Only Phil St. Romain can start a topic, but registered members can reply. Guest viewing is permitted.
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Philotheism: Phil's Blog
Thoughts on Christian spirituality, theology, current events, and life in general by Philip St. Romain.
Re: Come Holy Spirit video and dis... (Phil)
General Discussion Forums
These forums are free and are open to the public. Anyone may view the discussions, but only registered users may start new topics or reply to existing ones. To prevent spamming, registrations are now manually approved.
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Announcements, Orientations
All about the different groups we have here and how to participate in them. Only moderators may start new topics; registered users may reply; guest viewing enabled.
Re: Questions and comments (Tucker)
Christian Spirituality Issues
For discussion of issues pertaining to prayer, meditation, worship, and Christian living.
Stealth Hobbit Home in winter (VestnikRA)
Christian Morality and Theology
For discussion of issues pertaining to morality, theology and philosophy.
Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories a... (Phil)
Kundalini Issues and Spiritual Emergencies
Resources and discussion on understanding and integrating kundalini process and other spiritual emergencies.
Re: Kundalini and Some Esoteric Pr... (acuveda)
Health and Wellness Issues
Information and sharing on health and wellness issues.
Re: Breaking: Health Virus hits th... (Phil)
Book and Movie Reviews
Share your book and movie reviews here.
Re: Yoga and the Jesus Prayer (Phil)
Transformative Experiences
A place to share experiences that have helped transform your life.
Re: Questions for Tucker (Tucker)
Premium Groups
Online retreats and workshops. Now available for guest and member viewing; only registered members may post. To prevent spamming, registrations are now manually approved.
- A free-will, tax-deductible donation is requested for use of these forums. Thank you for your consideration.
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Come Holy Spirit Video Series (2023)
Deepen your knowledge of and openness to the Holy Spirit. - Discussion forum for registrants of the "Come Holy Spirit," video series hosted on See for more info.
16. The Fruits of the Spirit (Phil)
The Five Consents: spiritual enrichment lessons.
Discussion forum for those subscribed to "The Five Consents" spiritual enrichment series by Philip St. Romain. Registered members only. - see to sign up.
Re: G. Consent Four: To transition... (Phil)
At-home Retreat
Resources for an 8-day private or directed retreat to make at home or elsewhere.
Re: B. Day Two (Phil)
The Christian Mysteries
Reflection and discussion on the sacred mysteries of the Christian Faith using image concepts and audio conferences.
Did the mystics mention Jesus? (Sven)
Contemplative Practice Support
Resources and sharing on contemplative practice.
Re: J. Apophatic Meditation Method... (georgina)
Wonderfully Made (Christian Metaphysics)
A study of metaphysics in the light of Christian revelation, taking a general, introductory approach while drawing attention to the implications for spiritual practice.
Re: G. Fallen Human Nature (Phil)
Discerning God's Will
Conferences, reflections, and discussion concerning Biblical and spiritual principles for discerning God's call and leadings. Open, ongoing.
Re: B. Announcements, general disc... (Phil)
Psychological Types and Spirituality
We explore Jung's psychological types as a means to help one improve relationships, inner integration, and spiritual growth. Open, ongoing.
Re: 1. Discovering your Psychologi... (Phil)
Growing in Christ
Experiencing Christ in his four modes of presence to us: personal, ecclesial, sacramental and cosmic.
Publication announcement (Phil)
The Way of Christian Spirituality
What is human spirituality? Christian spirituality? This group will explore these topics in depth, including spiritual disciplines that enable growth and serenity.
Re: 24. Spiritual Pathways (georgina)
Freedom from Codependency
Learn more about codependency, how it develops, and how to break free from unhealthy caretaking and approval-seeking. Open, ongoing.
Re: K. Codependency and Christian ... (chezismael)
Communities in Transition
An introduction to the Spiral Dynamics® approach to understanding individual and cultural development. Open - Ongoing
M. Summary (Phil)
Holy Spirit Lessons: 2004
Eight presentations, resources, discussion on the workings of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life.
- see for more info.
Re: L. Conference 8: The Fruits of... (tanacreegan)
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