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are immortality rings in agreement with God's way?? Thanks for your help.

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Hi xtreme,

There's no need to cross-post out here; we're not that busy. So I've deleted your two other identical posts.

I also checked out the web site you referred us to. For those who might also try, know that it might be a slow-loader. Just minimize and check back later.

This seems to be one of many variations of magnet therapies. Lots of people have found good results in using magnets in their mattresses, in their shoes, and now this Alexi Chiu has proposed a ring that will balance our electrical energy flow, heal the body through the flow of subtle energy in the meridians, and enable long (if not immortal) life.

Sure, wear a ring; can't hurt, and maybe it can help. But don't expect it to yield the same results for your soul that faith in Christ will.

But no one will live forever because they wear those rings, not even if they meditate regularly and eat only vegetables to go along with it. The reason is because the damage done to our body-soul connection goes far deeper than what that ring is dealing with.

Thanks for visiting here, and come back soon.

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