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The Harry Potter Movie/Books are being discussed in another email group that I participate in. One member said that the Harry Potter stuff was
"on the block" with more traditional Catholics.
This has not been my experience, but this person said that there had been magazine articles written about it?? I'm not aware of any particular stance that the Catholic Church has on Harry Potter. I teach in a Catholic school, and our students read Harry Potter (along with plenty of other books). I would have thought that it was fundamentalist groups that were objecting to Harry Potter and not Catholics per se. I would like to respond on my other list before they lump all the Catholics together <G>. But I wanted to get some feedback here first.

Oh...and in my mind, Harry Potter is just a series of fantasy books. Do the fundamentalists have a problem with Merlin the Magician, also??

Sometimes I think people object to anything if it becomes TOO popular. They figure it must be bad.

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Hi Anne,

We went to a Harry Potter movie last night and loved it. Imho, Harry is an abused child who realizes the possibilities within himself and his real identity.... with the help of some of his friends. (guardian angel types???) It reminds me of each of us learning that we have the Christ within as well as without so I think there was a very real dimension that could be read into this fantasy.....I enjoyed all the layers of meaning and also think that fundamentalists of any religious type could have a field day with it!

Adding my 2 cents......


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I haven't seen the movie nor read the books but it's almost impossible not to have some knowledge of Pottermania - like it or not. Smiler

Any fundamentalist group that makes a big stink out of this risks marginalizing themselves into irrelevance. You've got to pick your battles and this would be a very poor one. Kids and magic and fantasy go hand in hand. I can see that if kids are playing with other ideas it could interrupt strict indoctrination but if the indoctrination requires that sort of mind control then I think there are more pressing problems.

Reading by kids is supposedly at an all time high. That's great and therefore it's actually kind of sad to see the magic of reading being eclipsed by yet another mass-marketed movie with all the trinkets that go along with it. It was quietly reassuring having books become hip again. Maybe that will still continue.
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Hi all... I have not read any of Harry Potter's books but I too am happy to see kids reading again. Nothing stirs and develops the imagination like a good book. It is too bad they had to turn this into yet another money machine - media production.
As for the fundalmentalists - well, let's just say that this is yet another reason why I am Episcopalian. There are much more important battles to be fought which brings me to the main reason I joined this discussion....
I know this is probably not the place for this - sorry Phil but I wasn't sure where to put it. I received this e-mail today and would like to ask all to pray for the people of Indonesia. Thanks - Wanda

Dear Friends

Our team in the Philippines last week met with and gathered documentation
from members of a Canadian Christian team working in Indonesia. The team
was about to go back into Indonesia, to help Christians who are suffering
assaults by Jihad forces. Carl Cady, whose ministry is being a mouthpiece
for these people, has sent us the email below, and requested URGENT

The Liberty office


Dear Friends

I am in Indonesia and have received first hand information from Central
Sulawesi (Poso and Tentena). There are 63,000 Christians who are in grave
danger. I am appealing to the Church worldwide to begin to pray for a
miracle of protection for these our brothers and sisters in Christ. These
Christians have only 35 police to protect them from daily attacks against
their region. There is a force of about 15,000 well armed Jihad terrorists
who have surrounded the Christian villages. Entire villages have been
burned and people are being shot everyday. They are fleeing to other
villages in hopes of safety.

The Indonesian military have pulled out. The Police have only a few
weapons. The roads have been blocked by the Jihad terrorists. The supply of
food is dangerously low. These brave Christians have been the target of the
anger of the Jihad terrorist. The terrorists have publically announced that
they will make December a "month of blood" and by Christmas they will have
eliminated the "cross bearers" from this region.

The attention of the world has been on Afganistan. This crisis in
Indonesia may be the most serious threat to innocent people on earth at
this time. The terrorists have proclaimed they are followers of Osama Bin

This is an urgent prayer request. Please send this to every praying
believer you know. The threat is real. These people have no voice of there
own. Please pray for our loving Father in Heaven to show His mighty hand

Hebrews 13:3

Carl Cady
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I haven't read any Harry Potter, but I do intend to see the movie soon. Several of the Dominican Sisters in Great Bend have read it and found it a delightful fantasy that seems to speak to the mythical level of our being. It could never serve as a religion, of course, so if some are going that far with it, then perhaps that's where the objections come in. But people could do the same with Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. Phil


Wanda, maybe that letter could go on the Lounge, or Christianity Today? Your call.
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Thanks for all of your feedback on Harry Potter.
It was very helpful and I appreciate it.

Wanda, I will certainly pray for the people in

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