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I know this something I should have dealt with before I became a soldier. I joined the military to provide for my family and eventually became a combat medic so i could save lives but I realize I will also have to take lives. I know the old testament is full of heros who slayed the enemy but Christ also taught peace and love. I am struggling with what I am going to have to do and the question what is a christian's role in military establishment and how to live my faith in the military?
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Most Christian churches recognize military service as legitimate; defending one's country in a just war situation is not considered immoral. To perform your duties honorably and with integrity is a good thing in such a context. And if there is no war, to do the same is fine, too.

Just curious, here: how would you come to take lives as a medic? It seems to me that you can refuse to do so if, in conscience, you believe it to be wrong.
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