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It recently occurred to me that nearly all of these allegations are for abuse that occurred between 10 and 30 years ago. Where are the current allegations and charges? Are these people saying that there was one bad generation of priests who did this over a 20-year period ending 10 years ago? Is nothing similar going on today? What is really going on here?
What I am beginning to wonder is if those alleging this don't actually want current charges with criminal trials? They want incidents after the statute of limitations has run, so that they can have civil lawsuits and get sympathetic juries to award them big bucks from the Church.
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Good post, Hank, and you make a good point about there being very few recent allegations. Of course, the mishandling of the old cases is quite newsworthy, I guess, and so the hits will no doubt keep on happening for quite some time.

Since we already have a thread going on this topic on "Catholics in the News," I'll be closing this one and transferring your post to that one.

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