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Starring: Diane Lane, Raoul Bova

Director: Audrey Wells

Synopsis: After a recent divorce a 35-year-old San Francisco writer decides to take a break and buys a villa in the Tuscan countryside. While rebuilding her new home and learning how to live abroad she finds the fulfillment she was searching for in life. (Touchstone)

Runtime: 113 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13 - for sexual content and language.
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Lisa and I saw this movie about two weeks ago and mostly liked it. Diane Lane is very convincing in her role as grief-stricken divorcee trying to find herself again and get on with her life. A trip to Italy organized by her friends to help her "snap out of it" develops into a more than just a visit. She sees a house she just has to have, purchases it, then begins the task of renovating it. The symbolism of "getting one's house in order" is obvious enough, but it's all nicely done, with beautiful scenery and something of an immersion into the culture which is communicated to the viewer most powerfully.

It's nice to see how she reconnects with people, and even becomes part of the community. Young lovers find in her a mentor; neighbors find she is a helpful friend. And of course, there is the "hunk" of a young man who finds her gorgeous and who ravishes her in a night of passion. It never occurs to her that maybe she's "nothing special," however, or so it seems. How often do we see that in movies? "What, you mean I'm not your ONLY one-night stand?" Oh well, at least he was affirming when they finally reconnected.

I've little comment to make about her lesbian friend who somehow got pregnant and came to live with her in Italy when her lover decided she didn't want to be a parent. This kind of PC insertion must be mandatory in Hollywood nowadays.

All in all, this is a real "chick flick," but one that most men won't mind sitting through. Diane Lane is, after all, very easy on the eyes, and who among us hasn't had to work through a grief process and come to a deeper discovery of who we are? Tuscany Sun shows no evidence for any value religion or spirituality might bring to this project, but it does nothing to denigrate such an option either . . . at least that!

I give it three stars out of four. OK to see once, but we'll not be purchasing or renting the DVD.
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Great review, Phil. Did you see the PBS remake of Dr. Zhivago?

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