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How would you guys characterize the relationship between the unconscious mind and the body? I've been thinking about it for a while - the role emotions play in communicating between the body and conscious mind, and how they are interrelated with the unconscious. Currently I'm of the opinion that the body IS the unconscious - or rather, what we call the "unconscious mind" is more accurately the consciousness of the body. Putting it this way has helped me clear up (in my head) the intertwining role of kundalini in both the unconscious mind and the physical body.

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Why?

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Hi Paul
in my work with my clients and myself I find that emotions are made unconscious through tensions in various parts of the body. This is not a new insight - there are many therapists who are of the same opinion.

Having said that, I am often amazed by how true this statement is. The most often suppressed emotion is anger (people would like to appear more friendly and nice than they actually feel).

I find this to be true in virtually every client who suffers from chronic fatigue or chronic pain . As soon as they allow themselves to verbalise their anger the fatigue and the pain starts to lessen. I have seen the most astounding recoveries by seriously debilitated clients by working in this way.

I do not advocate screaming or pounding pillows or other strong expressions of anger - just talking about it and acknowledging it and maybe having a conversation with someone is enough. But I also show my clients to send love to the very people they feel angry about.

As I say - it is amazing and humbling to see these turnarounds.

The role of the kundalini in this process is that it makes these areas of tensions more painful. Before kundalini they often feel just numb but with kundalini there is more awareness and so these numb areas become very painful.

This why kundalini is said to be an evolutionary force. It 'forces' us to work through our issues and not just suppress them.

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