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Hello All -
I was sent to your site through a friend. Last year I believe that I experienced Kundalini after chanting to shanti at a crystal bowl ceremony. For me the experience was extremely positive. I felt energy flowing through my body and felt stress free. Unfortunately soon after I began having some pretty dramatic dreams of being judged in a white courthouse that looked like Heaven and a vision of a white light angel and a warning of evil coming my way. I then met a young girl who I befriended. She told me she was Christian but was into tarot and crystals. I was into New Age too at the time. She gave me a crystal to put into my home and a few nights later I woke up with a very dark entity over me. I was then tormented by this entity and my head started spinning in circles. I could no longer think straight. I was terrified. Long story short this 'sweet, innocent' young girl ended up being a gypsy witch who put a terrible curse on me. Her intent was to rob me blind of my possessions which in part happened before my family stepped in and found out what was going on. My mind has never been the same since. I had visions I am going to hell of Jesus on the Cross and the Blessed Mother. I became terrified that God allowed this to happen to me and emotionally shut down. In doing so, I could no longer believe in God and became obsessed with trying to believe in God again for protection. This has been a year and I have tried everything but I am now partially possessed. My subconscious mind has been hijacked by the demon and I am being tormented psychically and no longer have emotions or can feel love. I want to be set free but deliverance/prayer has not helped b/c I am still very much unable to believe in God and it has gotten much worse for me. It feels like there is a helmet inside of my head and when I force myself to believe again, I feel this enormous force come through me and try to push this thing out of my head but doesn't budge at all. I am trapped. First of all, I do suspect from working with the Catholic church that opening myself up to Kundalini and Hindu faith was a first commandment deal breaker that allowed the devil to enter my life through this girl. That would explain the dreams and visions I had before I met this girl and of being judged. Aside from that kundalini does feel like the holy spirit (when I was connected with Jesus) so at this point, who knows? I don't know anything anymore, really, I don't. If anyone has advice for me or can point me in the direction of a place I can go or anyone that can help me unravel this mess in my mind and get my freedom back, I would be grateful. I logically know that Jesus is the key, but that key has been stolen from me - so at this point, i am open to any suggestions. Peace to you all. - Angela
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Welcome to the forum, Angela. I hope others who read your story will comment, at least with a word of encouragement.

It is good that you are seeking professional religious assistance, and from a psycho-therapist, too, I hope. There's lots going on inside you, and it will take awhile to sort out. But I encourage you to hold fast to the belief that no one can steal the key of Jesus from you. In all of this, God loves you just as you are, and if you sincerely confess everything that you believe you've done wrong, it is enough. Read Romans 8:38-39 again and again, and stand on those words. Note that *nothing* can separate us from the love of God poured out in Christ. Nothing. Nothing. Do not believe otherwise.

Keep us posted on how it goes. You might also check out the thread below, which has some helpful practices.
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I know that this post is over a year old and that it is probably not valid anymore. But, I have been through what Angela is talking about several times and similar experiences a lot of times because I have, or use to have anyway, a tendency to go where angels fear to tread Smiler . But I always felt secure in the knowledge that our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus and His/our Father in Heaven would always bail me out if I got into trouble. Which I did a lot and They always bailed me out.

So what would my advice, based on my experiences, to Angela and to others that might be concerned about inadvertently stepping into the mess that Angela is describing in her post? First of all, Dark Entities can be real and there are dark spirited people that can invoke them in a way that will test your faith. And second of all, people that are close to Lord Jesus do not really have a problem with this/that stuff. They just make a quick prayer or appeal to Lord Jesus or to His Father that is in Heaven in the name of Lord Jesus and things are soon solved. Usually quite nicely. The problem comes when people are or a person is not all that close to Lord Jesus or His Father. And usually they carry a lot of doubt and or anger for whatever reason about or toward Lord Jesus and His Father. And it is this doubt or anger that leaves us open to being overwhelmed by darkness.

Here is one of my experiences: Lilith the Hebrew demon witch of desolate places. I never knew that she was real , even in my wildest imagination. And to be honest with you, I have no fear of desolate places. I enjoy being by myself. But one day I met a young lady on a message board, back during my message board travels days, and Her spirit guide was Lilith the demon witch of desolate places (not the Lilith that is the mother of all vampires) and this young Lady got a kick out of sicking Lilith on guys. So here I am, out of nowhere, in over my head in the terrifying world of the demon witch of desolate places. A world where sanity does not exist. At all. A world where you experience nothing but overwhelming fear. And I didn't do anything to upset this young lady. She just sicked Lilith on me for fun to see if I would sink or swim. Well, I immediately went to Lord Jesus about it and asked Him what was happening. He suggested that I look up Lilith in the dictionary. And what I found there was an entry about Lilith the Hebrew witch of desolate places and about how she drove men mad/insane. So to be honest with you, I asked Lord Jesus, "How do I whip her. She is evil." I was pretty cocky back in those days. His answer was, "You can't." Well, it turned out that the reason that I couldn't was because she was not sane in any sense of the word sane and she was not evil, she just was what she was. And it also turned out that she was so ancient that she existed almost back before the beginning. I hung out with her for a while just to study her and had to put myself back together again several times until I could sit with her without going insane. And we actually developed sort of a bond.

Anyway, there can be unexplainable things out there that one may have to deal with once in a while, if ever, especially if you go looking for them, which was my problem and I now don't do that anymore. But, with your minds eye just reach out and take Lord Jesus' hand and He will walk you out of it should you encounter these things.

Love, tucker
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Thanks for your sharing, Tucker. I think we definitely need to be careful about these spirit characters, as you note. Not sure I would have given this "Lilith" the time of day, but your point that they aren't all necessarily evil is well-taken, I believe. It's just probably wise to not mess around with them anyway.

Your witness to the power of Christ in dealing with these issues is one I hope people pay close attention to.
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"It is probably wise to not mess around with them anyway." Yes Smiler boy am I inclined to agree with that! Love, tucker Smiler
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