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I guess it's about time I put something up here. There are several places on this site where I share extensively of my experiences (like in my books), so I will not replicate what's already in those.

This one is fairly recent -- last week, in fact. We were vacationing for a few days at a state park in OK, and upon awakening one morning, I was consciously "hanging out" in that realm between waking, sleeping and dreaming when I began to hear music. As I often have music popping into my head, usually something I already know, I decided to listen in. Upon turning my attention in that direction, I was treated for the next 30 seconds or so (how long, I cannot say for sure) to the most incredible, unbelievable, spectacular, magnificent, stupendous, marvelous (OK, enough! Wink ) symphony I have ever heard. It was jazz-like (of all things!), with mostly winds and strings, some of which were sounds I had never heard before. It started with just a few, then more and more joined in, with many levels of harmony all fitting together perfectly. In comparison, Mozart's pieces seem kindergartenish, if you can believe. I became totally absorbed in this music and lost all sense of self in it. Then it was gone, leaving not a trace in my memory, except for the fact that it had happened and a sense of joy and boundless energy. I do not think my memory was capable of holding such a marvel, nor do I believe that my unconscious mind is capable of composing anything like this. There was an ethereal quality to it, and I'm wondering if I wasn't treated to an angelic performance of some kind. After all, if my mind heard it, it must have come from somewhere, right? And such order and brilliance cannot be the product of chaos.

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Anyone else ever hear heavenly music?
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That is remarkable, Phil. I have experienced similar. Sometimes when I awaken my mind is so perfectly clear. I feel like I could do long division in my mind.

I once heard music like you describe. When I tuned into it I noticed a certain perfection that I could not understand. It sounded too perfect. Then I noticed it was not keeping time. That makes sense that if it comes from Heaven then there is no time there to keep in the realm of eternity.

That is, if it comes from Heaven...........
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I guess it's about time I put something up here.

Woo hoo! It�s time to play "Let�s Analyze Phil." JB, you go get the pretzels I�ll get the beer.

In comparison, Mozart's pieces seem kindergartenish, if you can believe.

In that I believe 100%.

I do not think my memory was capable of holding such a marvel, nor do I believe that my unconscious mind is capable of composing anything like this.

The best evidence that I have ever come across that there is more to me than me, and more to you than you. I�m awed by that story, Phil.
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Thank you Phil, for sharing your experience of heavenly music. Hearing such kind of music has really edifying effect in ones spiritual journey.

Last summer I had had similar experience. First I saw a couple of angels wearing white light. I even saw their big wings. They surrounded some divine figure which is sitting in the middle. At the same moment I began to hear very marvelious divine music. It was for the first time I saw angels in my life and heard heavenly music. Since then Arch angel Michel appeared frequently and clearing something in my body.
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If you have a copy of Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill
and look up "audition" or "clairaudience" in the index, you may find something. Some people smell flowers and others see angels. GOD BLESS YOU!!! Smiler Smiler
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Yes, I have these experiences regularly. It's a running joke with people who know me well, "What the radio playing today?" For me it's as much a blessing as a source of frustration. I have taken to several instruments in efforts to try and get out of my head and into the world what I no avail. Nonetheless, I can understand how musical geniuses experience music. It's just the communicating it I fail to be incapable of doing.

What I think is perhaps even more interesting is using this kind of experience as the basis for healing ministry. There is a section in David's life where he was the minstrel to the king Saul. Only David's music was able to soothe the king in his moments of torment. I suspect these kinds of application still exist today, but, are largely ignored by most. The new age movement has capitalized on this a lot, but, we know that the new age is filled with lots of truly God-blessed, gifted people using their gifts in unintended ways. If only the church could reclaim what was stolen from it. I am not saying bring new age music into the church, but, rather, regain the authority these musicians have come to possess and lead these gifted souls to their creator and savior to realize the true nature of their calling as healers in harmony with a personal, divine plan through Christ.
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