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A few weeks ago I happened to be browsing The Book of Privy Counseling. By comparing two editions, I discovered that the versions published today are so far from the original as to be almost paraphrases.

It seemed to me a pity to lose the author's voice. Evelyn Underhill published an accurate version of The Cloud of Unknowing, but this was never done for The Book of Privy Counseling. Therefore I set about laboriously transcribing an edition with the original spelling. It took about two weeks.

So, for fans of apophatic spirituality and the fourteenth-century English mystics, here it is:

Hopefully someone somewhere will find it useful.
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Nicely done, Derek. That must have taken quite some time.

I've looked it over and might have to pull out my old copy of Beowulf to practice up on my old English. Wink
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