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Joe Biden is America's second Catholic President.

Yes, his support for abortion rights is in conflict with Church teachings, and that is problematic.

No, he is not on some kind of "black list" with Catholic leadership.

Yes, he is a regular church-goer and a man who takes seriously the Christian mysteries and seeks God's help in carrying out his responsibilities.

No, he is not pro-abortion in the sense of wanting people to have abortions or considering abortion to be a good thing. Pro-choice means pro-abortion-rights, and it would be fine with Biden if no one ever had one.

Yes, his emphases are, on the whole, more congruent with Catholic moral/social teaching than the previous administration -- e.g., healthcare, climate change, Covid-19 relief, care for environment, immigration policy and so forth. Abortion is not the only moral or social issue Catholics care about (though it may seem that way at times).

No, Catholic politicians are not required to translate Catholic teaching into laws that apply to whole nations. They recognize that the U.S. is a country with a diversity of cultural and even ethical perspectives, Catholicism being only one.

So it is complicated being a "Catholic President," but also something to celebrate, imo. As a Roman Catholic, I am proud to call Joe Biden my President.

see https://www.ncronline.org/news...split-how-deal-biden
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There is abundant evidence of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit in Biden's life, especially in comparison with the previous President. Christians would do well to recall that it was such fruits (see Gal. 5:22-23) that Jesus told us to look for when discerning who was a true messenger of God, and who not (Mt. 7:16-20).

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