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I'll try to keep this updated from time to time. Please add whatever you have reasonable confidence in, whether through your own experience or from recommendation where it has shown measurable benefit. By "alternative" I don't necessarily mean purely "naturopathic." For instance, one of the least intrusive and most effective cancer therapies being researched currently is a mainstream-funded one:

"Dendritic Therapy."

Google it for cancer research, and you'll find a number of articles. Some of the clinics in Mexico offer it, but it is receiving attention from big cancer research institutes in the U.S. and Europe. Basically, it is a process that cultures a special class of messenger immune cells from the patient's own blood, with growth factors added to increase their number many-fold, then with a tissue sample added to the culture so the messenger cells are primed with what cancer cell type to look for once they are re-introduced to the patient's body.
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There is ongoing mainstream research of turmeric, or its most bioactive aspect, curcumin. The problem with this herb is its poor absorption, which is resolved to a great extent by heating it or emulsifying it. Of course, tumeric is part of Indian curries, and therefore, traditionally, there was never such a problem. The herb can also be added to, or taken with, fish oil, or lecithin, which makes it fat soluable and bioavailable. It's absorption is also increased significantly when prepared with some amounts of black pepper extract, and some products now blend these for that purpose.

M.D. Anderson is working on an intravenous preparation of curcumin, which in animal models is having impressive results. In early stage human trials there was success even with rather intractable pancreatic cancer, and I believe that was with oral treatment. So there is hope this simple herb will have far-reaching benefits, since it seems to function upstream of the mutagenic process, stopping the early stage of cell change, making it applicable to many cell types.
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Old thread, but, I have a good bit to offer. For integrative medicine options (alternative concepts accepted by the standard medical community) there is the Block Institute in Chicago. There are many, many things out there to look into, but, the biggest thing to realize is that many alternative cures, while effective for specific cancers, do not necessarily prove effective for all cancers.

With regards to curcumin/turmeric, what I recall reading points out a main issue with getting the substance through the digestive tract to the rest of the body. Intravenous administration bypasses this issue, but, is something many clinics will not look into.
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