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Woody Allen once remarked that the most important thing about life is showing up. So it is with prayer: the most important thing is to do it.

During these retreat days, it's especially important to be faithful to your two or more periods of prayer. Don't worry if they are filled with distractions, or if nothing seems to go well. Just do the best you can to focus upon God speaking to you through the Scriptures below and know that good consequences will come in due time. If you need more guidance on prayer, see the Orientation page again for the links to other pages on prayer. You might also continue to consider making the journey with a spiritual director, who can give you helpful guidance on prayer. The Orientation page also has valuable info on this issue and many other helpful considerations. If you haven't yet read through it, please do so.

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Focus: God's call

Scripture Readings:

A. Isaiah 55: 1-3, 6-9

B. Jn. 15: 5-12

C. Ps. 63: 1-8

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End of day: What “outcome” are you seeking on this retreat? It is good to note this at the beginning, and ask that God’s will be done.

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A prayer:
Arise, dear soul, and carefully reflect who He is with whom thous speakest and before whom thou standest when thou prayest. Behold, thou speakest with God, thy Maker, and standest in the presence of Him, the eternal Majesty, whom thousand times thousand holy angels and archangels attend. Therefore, O Christian, enter thou into the closet of thy soul, and beware, lest thou failest to put from thee all sluggishness of heart, and lightest up to thy God a countenance free from blame. Then wilt thou delight in the lord and have power with Him, and prevail. Amen.
- Lutheran book of Prayer
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