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The teaching will be presented from an online slideshow, with one presentation being developed each week for 10 weeks, beginning March 1, 2006.

I will be adding text for the slides as we move through the lessons, but you can view the whole slideshow at any time. Please do not begin a discussion on slides not covered yet, however.


The slideshow above was produced in movie format with narrations and music and burned to DVD for the Dominican Sisters, USA. I have posted an online movie version, which you can obtain from the URL below. Directions for downloading and viewing the movie are also below.

1. Download the movie (22 mb) to your hard drive. If you have a dial-up connection, this will take forever, so don't even bother. You'll receive the same info on the web slideshow, however, so you won't be missing anything but the more aesthetic presentation.
2. Locate the file on your hard drive and unzip it (usually just double-click it to open). If you don't have zip decompression software, see this link to download and install a free copy of m9P Zipper.
3. Open Quicktime Player. If you don't have a copy (or an updated one), see to download and install the free Player.
4. From the File menu, go to Open File and choose the SDOP-netstream.mp4 movie you downloaded.
5. Enjoy . . . Smiler

If you listen to the whole movie, please keep your discussion focused on the topic we're taking up each week on the forum.


Also highly recommended:

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