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This website looks like a much needed resource for post-abortive men:

The purpose of this website is to create awareness to the fact that men are impacted by abortion. For too long, abortion has been considered as only a womens' issue. But as you will see, or may be experiencing, that is not the truth. For every woman affected by abortion, there is also a man; both equal parents to the aborted child. .. Many men feel they can not openly express their emotions, and for that reason, they suppress them allowing them to fester and eat away at their very core. They can become angry, bitter, depressed, resentful, untrusting and even reckless in their behaviors.

Some men may not even be aware that their emotions are a direct result of an abortion experience.

They may be in denial about their experience, attempt to intellectualize their feelings, project their emotions towards others, or withdraw from social interaction as much as possible. Our culture has an expectation that men should be strong and courageous. Any show of emotion could expose them as being weak and cowardly. It's this expectation that causes many men to hide their true emotions and pretend that everything is fine. Yet deep inside they're hurting, causing their relationships, families, jobs and responsibilities to suffer. It's a pattern all too common in post-abortion fathers
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From that website, I found this testimony of a father whose wife insisted on aborting two of the three babies she was carrying in her womb. His story is clearly written out of his need to redeem his sin and keep others from the horror he lives with every day. Given that the abortions took place in the context of IVF makes it seem eerily like a 'medical' issue, but here's what he was left with:

I will never fully recover from what I've seen, and done...

My wife didn't look, but I had to. I had to know what would happen to my children. I had to know how they would die. Each retreated, pushing away, as the needle entered the amniotic sac. They did not inject into the placenta, but directly into each child's torso. Each one crumpled as the needle pierced the body. I saw the heart stop in the first, and mine almost did, too. The other's heart fought, but ten minutes later they looked again, and it too had ceased. The doctors had the gall to call the potassium chloride, the chemical that stopped children's hearts, "medicine." I wanted to ask what they were trying cure -- life? But bitter words would not undo what had happened. I swallowed anything I might have said. I know they felt pain. I know they felt panic. And I know this was murder.

He ends his testimony with this beautiful cry to God:

If, by baring this scar for others to see, I can prevent an abortion, perhaps that will help to balance the scales for when I face G-d's justice and I finally meet those two children -- who I hope will forgive me for my failure. Read more:
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