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Repentance was a requirement before baptism in all the teachings of the Savior and Apostles! Yet today we have the abominable teaching that says we are born into the original sin, which in essence denies the Atonement of Jesus Christ! That small infants who die without baptism are consigned to hell and suffering........yet they had not the capacity to believe, let alone repent.....and there was in actuality no need for them to be baptised! Sprinkling was adopted as a matter of convenience in the Roman Catholic Church, for those of ill health or in weakened conditions.........what kind of faith is exercised here? That man should change the Tradition of Christ in the mode of baptism gives me great concern!
Was there an apostasy, Wanda? Why is revelation not found in the Church? These are hard questions, and I mean no disrespect.......

Once again, you present yourself as a truth-seeker, but your post shows that you are here to accuse the Catholic Church of apostasy.

Why is it apostate?

Because you have a different understanding of Baptism and Original Sin than the Catholic Church?

Why do you have a different understanding?

Because you interpret Scripture without reference to the Tradition from whence it sprung, and which has developed to help us understand its meaning.

And so your understanding of Original Sin and Baptism conflicts with that of the Catholic Church, which views Baptism as a sacrament of entry into the Church, and which views Original Sin as a state we're born into, which is not the same a personal sin.


I'm closing this thread, Wanda, as it's become naught but a podium for lookbeyond to use to attack Catholicism in the guise of "truth-seeking." Maybe we can try discussing the meaning of Church again sometime in the future.

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