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So, how can you go wrong with Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishbourne and Marcia Gay Harden in a movie, right?

As you might expect, the acting is very, very good! Totally convincing. Penn grieves the tragic loss of his daughter with great drama and bravado, vowing to catch the murderer and execute revenge. His police-buddy (Kevin Bacon) has the same goal, and Laurence Fishbourne to assist. Only question is--will they be able to do it fast enough to satisfy Penn, who wants it all resolved yesterday?

The best performance is put on by Robbins, who plays an adult victim of pedophilia. He, Penn, and Bacon were childhood buddies and were playing happily on the street when a pedophile and his priest (of course!) buddy came along and abducted him. Now, years later, the consequences of his abuse place him at the center of events surrounding the death of Penn's daughter.

So whodunnit?

Well, you'll have to go see for yourself, and I don't think you'll figure it out right away.

And the moral of the story?

Things aren't always as they seem . . . and at least give the police a chance, for cryin' out loud.

Lots of profanity in this one; I'm not sure Penn can talk without it. A bit of graphic violence, too, but not in a spirit of appealing to base motives. As in "Saving Private Ryan," sometimes it would be wrong to sanitize the violence inherent in certain situations. This is one such, I think.
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