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Small Graces by Kent Nerburn

Most bookstores are literally littered with those small, trendy, �feel good� books that were written to feed off the success of the �Chicken Soup� series. Many of them are quite harmless, even hopeful or amusing, but rarely earth-shattering. Small Graces may be an exception.

The book is aptly titled. Unlike many books that point out those small joys in life but do so in such a way that one feels like a cretin for missing them, Small Graces makes one feel like the author has wrapped his arm around your shoulder in silent understanding and support. It is calmly inspiring. The book leaves one feeling hopeful rather than feeling flawed (which is no small feat in my opinion).

Each chapter begins with a quote which sets the stage for his small, uplifting homilies. One of these is �We all live in a fear of being judged by others, while the empty space between us is waiting to be filled by a simple gesture of honest caring.� He then proceeds to illustrate these points with small experiences from his own life and does so in a remarkably honest and insightful way.

This humble, little 125 page book was rescued from the discount rack. It certainly deserves better.

ISBN 1-56731-456-2
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