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I'd be interested if anyone has read this book by Thomas Matus. He is a Camaldolese monk that took kriya initiation from the Self Realization Fellowship center in the 50's before converting to Christianity and becoming a monk. He experienced many kundalini experiences and compares kriya yoga to the Jesus prayer and the experiences of Symeon the new Theologian, especially the essences of them. I thought it was quite good and insightful.
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Greetings, Steven, and apologies for the delayed response.

I am not familiar with the book you mention, but will look more into it. I've often thought that kundalini was a feature of the hesychasts and the mysticism of Mt. Athos, but we shouldn't be surprised if that's the case. Kundalini is a universal phenomenon.

What did you like about the book, and tell us a little more about your own practice.
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