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I am reading The Penguin U. G. Krishnamurti Reader. He describes his symptoms, which lasted for many years. Those of you who have had kundalini experiences might find you have something in common with him.

Post Script: Since U. G. Krishnamurti didn't believe in copyright, large portions of his work are available on the Internet, for example at:

How does this compare with your experience of kundalini?

"I was sitting on the sofa and suddenly there was an outburst of tremendous energy -- tremendous energy shaking the whole body, and along with the body, the sofa, the chalet and the whole universe, as it were -- shaking, vibrating. You can't create that movement at all. It was sudden. Whether it was coming from outside or inside, from below or above, I don't know -- I couldn't locate the spot; it was all over. It lasted for hours and hours. I couldn't bear it but there was nothing I could do to stop it; there was a total helplessness. This went on and on, day after day, day after day. Whenever I sat it started -- this vibration like an epileptic fit or something. Not even an epileptic fit; it went on for days and days."

"The body feels the pain. That's a very painful process. Very painful. It is a physical pain because the body has limitations -- it has a form, a shape of its own, so when there is an outburst of energy, which is not your energy or my energy or God's (or call it by any name you like), it is like a river in spate. The energy that is operating there does not feel the limitations of the body; it is not interested; it has its own momentum. It is a very painful thing. It is not that ecstatic, blissful beatitude and all that rubbish -- stuff and nonsense! --- it is really a painful thing. Oh, I suffered for months and months after that; before that too. Everybody has. Even Ramana Maharshi suffered after that."

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Although the energies first came to me 'like a gentle shower of golden rain' I had some very painful experiences soon after and I still have it after 36 years, I often wish it would diminish. It keeps me awake, will it ever change?
I am involved in the christian healing ministry, but no one where I live understands the energy experience that I have, so I feel very isolated with it.
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Understood, Georgina. Have you shared you sleep problem with your doctor? It might not be kundalini related.
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