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Here's a stimulating no nonsense question that could provide advanced learning.Granted those who are aware and thus have knowledge of human telepathy.Does anyone contend it was occuring during the time of Christ and that any information was passed via it's communicative vehicle and beyond that any retro witness such as the Scrolls of Qumrun and WADI Murabbacat could be supplemented with additional finds that are currently source known yet being held for a variety of uninspired reasons?Please no preposterous HBO documentary attitiudes.If I want to see time elapse pictures of Soviet girls floating above their beds I'll contact John Dykstra.Really?No disrespect intended. No twisted parallels Star Wars fans.Excuse the humor though the telepathy question of the first century serious.Remember you got telepathy you got classic good and evil.Take care and God bless.Straight forword.Gary V.Giardina.This question does add a dimension of mutual aid theory concerning any ancient scribing yet it seems their abilities suggestively primitive yet obviously developing.
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Not sure I follow your question, Gary. Are you asking if people with psychic gifts might know where to find more artifacts like the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Not sure why this is in book and movie reviews. Perhaps you can clarify that as well.
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Precisely Phil pondering if modern telepathy is supplemental and or the main attribute that makes some the possessors of rare knowledge.Additionally it a recently inspired question if their are any other manipulative forces for witholding any finds.The purpose of the conversation's inclusion of the book and motion picture site is Hollywood and the creative major industries are the seed of modern telepathy stemming at least since the fifties.The scrolls seem to reveal much even their title of which I never include the mortal reference title"dead".The age of literalism and its proponents suggest that sea=see scrolls is a safer nomenclature without the title you used.If it seems preposterous potentially jeopardizingly shared information could clarify yet the important thing known is that the jeopardy is without doubt because of "abysmal" forces.You might additionally discover that as modern humanity inspiringlyor not grapples with these potentially easily known solved mysteries it is ego itself that is the final frontier and that includes territorialism and possessiveness.Take care and God bless.Straight forword.Gary V. Giardina.No twisted parallels.
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