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It's that day, today, and so I mention one of the greatest movies of all time, named the same, "Groundhog Day." If you haven't seen it, you owe yourself the favor of doing so. It's very funny and has a great message:
The burning question: Was all this intentional? Yes and no. Ultimately, the story is one of redemption, so it should surprise no one that it speaks to those in search of the same. But there is also a secular, even conservative, point to be made here. Connors’s metamorphosis contradicts almost everything postmodernity teaches. He doesn’t find paradise or liberation by becoming more “authentic,” by acting on his whims and urges and listening to his inner voices. That behavior is soul-killing. He does exactly the opposite: He learns to appreciate the crowd, the community, even the bourgeois hicks and their values. He determines to make himself better by reading poetry and the classics and by learning to sculpt ice and make music, and most of all by shedding his ironic detachment from the world.

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Yeah, that was a good movie. I don't remember most of the details, but I recall it's about a guy who goes from being quite selfish, arrogant and pleasure-seeking to more empathic and loving.

Quite an interesting plot in that he has to re-do the same day over and over again, progressively learning more and more from the bitter fruit of his destructive choices...I wish I could have do-overs of some of my selfish days!
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