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General Description from Aquinas and More

What are miracles? Why do miracles happen? Do miracles still happen? The subject of miraculous activity is one that has compelled believers for millennia. This book describes and recounts some of the most fascinating stories that have taken place not on the dusty pages of some centuries-old manuscript, but here and now in our own modern world.

Fr. Paul Glynn , a Marist priest, takes the reader on a trip around the world to the sites of miraculous happenings, including healings, apparitions and conversions, including Lourdes, Knock, and Fatima. Through personal accounts and meticulous studies, he is able to show solid evidence and proof of God's work in our lives. These inspiring stories will enhance the reader's faith as well as provide a bastion of comfort for those in doubt. Illustrated with many photos.

"This is a book that can keep you awake into the `wee small hours'. I took the manuscript with me to a conference. I read each night till my eyes dropped out... [Fr. Paul Glynn] has reopened my mind and heart to the God who heals the broken, the wounded and the most wretched of the earth."
-Bishop David Cremin, from the Foreword

Fr. Paul Glynn, a Marist Missionary priest from Australia, is the author of several books including the best-sellers The Song of Nagasaki The Smile of the Ragpicker.

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JB's notes: Fr. Glynn relates anecdotes about or otherwise quotes such notables as Maritain, Chesterton, Rahner, Alexis Carrel, Cardinal Newman and more. He even shares retreat notes from his retreats with William Johnston, SJ. This book is thus as depthful as it is readable, enthralling even. It is a challenge to modern skeptics and an inspiration to modern believers.

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A must read!

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