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Hello everyone,

is there anyone familiar with the spirituality called : Sahaj marg ?

one of my friend is a practitioner of this spirituality derived from Sufism. When my friend explained to me a little bit about that, it reminded me a lot about some Christian Mysticism. (There are also lots of differences !)

It says that Raja Yoga being too austere and non-adaptable to our modern way of life, we needed to find ways to actualise the search of the Divine.

example : "the method tend to realise our union with the Divine source, that is in everyone, in a familiar and professional context" > reminded me of Brother Lawrence.

"The Divine, the source of all things, can only be found inside our own hearts, passing the limits of ego" > reminded me a saying of Saint Augustine ? or the Orthodox tradition of Hesychyasm.

they base their practice with "heart meditation", prayer by yourself and with other practitioners also.

Sometimes I wonder... Could it be possible to experience Christ when one's not a "Christian" ? If the answer is no, what are those people experiencing ?
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Originally posted by oztricker:
is there anyone familiar with the spirituality called : Sahaj marg ?

It’s a cult:,63706#msg-63706
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Interesting topic and response! Wink

I was not familiar with this movement and its practices, oztricker (welcome to the forum). Derek's link is certainly worth reading.

To your question about non-Christians experiencing God -- of course they are! Christianity (at least Catholic and mainline Protestant groups) do not deny that God is present and active in other world religions. The uniqueness of the Christian message is not so much that we have encountered God and others have not, but that God has become present to us in the person of Jesus, who establishes a new intimacy with the divine through his risen body and the gift of his Spirit. The formal theological affirmation of this is called Logos theology, which recognizes the Word present and active everywhere, even outside of religious traditions. St. Justin Martyr gave clear expression to this in early Christianity, and it's affirmed in the Second Vatican Council of the Catholic Church.
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