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Kundalini issues , stuck in throath and head Login/Join
Hi all ,

I am having an issue with what I believe to be kundalini that has risen to my throat . I am experiencing a sensation like a golf ball in my throat that I am starting to suspect is blocked energy/chi/kundalini of some kind . It is most prominent when I wake in the morning . I spontaneously seem to be breathing deeply into and around it during the day . The energy sometimes gets up past this heavy constriction in my throat into my head where it creates pressure and an impulse to crack the bones of the skull ,often loudly enough so that people near me can hear it happening .Often after a session of this skull cracking I will experience very pleasant liquid like sensations dripping around inside my head , like warm honey dripping . But these sensations are short lived . The next phase usually is that I will start to burp and yawn and a vomiting reflex often occurs but without any of the nausea or sick sensations that usually come with throwing up . Sometimes when I am alone with this throat pain there is an emotional component and crying or deep sobbing involved during which the throat and the third eye area of the forehead seem to throb . I am no expert but I am wondering if this all has to do with some over revving of the microcosmic orbit or some other energy pathways . I am reluctant to get medical help here as I feel that this is an energy issue , out of the realms of most doctors experience . Any thoughts or insights are greatly appreciated .
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Welcome to the forum, jambon.

Much of what you describe can be found in the kundalini literature on blocked throat chakra issues. Of course, it would also be good to see a doctor if the physical pain becomes disruptive, just to check and see what else might be going on.

That liquid sensation you describe is called "ambrosia," and is widely reported in the literature. If what's going on is throat chakra issues, then the weeping you are doing will help to release pent-up emotional energy. Giving praise to God also helps to open that center, as does journaling your true thoughts and feelings about what's going on in your life. The theme of throat chakra issues is authentic communication, so it might even help to work with that topic. I was deeply moved at one phase to study intra-personal and interpersonal communication and even wrote a book about this, Lessons in Loving. Yogic asanas like the Lion pose and others that free tension in the jaw and tongue can also be helpful.

Mostly, be patient with yourself and the process, and see if you can find a spiritual director to talk to about what's going on.

Lion pose:
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That's really interesting, I'm having nearly identical symptoms. I have like a pressure in the back of my neck that feels like what jambon said, like a ball is stuck there. Sometimes it breaks passed that and goes into my head, making for sort of mental confusion where I have a difficult time processing information. I have the same feeling where it feels like a liquid is dripping down my neck. This has been going on for a while. Sometimes it brings like trapped feelings with it, and I focus on those and they seem to like burn away or whatever.

Just find it kind of comforting to know someone has similar feelings, so thank you for that jambon. And thank you Phil for your insights, I'll have to look into blocked throat chakra issues.
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Hello all,

Things had been generally calm regarding K activity over the last several months. The night body jerks are not as intense or as long lasting as they used to be. Interestingly, I have experienced them in the upper body on occasion whereas before they were concentrated in the lower part.

Very recently though I have begun experiencing visual disturbances. A couple of times at night, I have gotten up and my eyes refuse to dilate, making my vision very cloudy. Then a couple of days after a contemplative symposium where we had several silent sits during the day, I developed rotating fractal auras in my field of vision, and this morning I experienced a similar phenomenon, i.e., no dilation followed by the rotating aura. After the first episode, I made an appointment with the ophthamologist, who told be my eyes are in good shape. He thought my eyes were just "really relaxed" during the night and that I was having migraine auras without headache. The auras are actually quite interesting, whether my eyes are open or closed. They last under ten minutes and no migraine follows. Just wondering if others have had similar visual disturbances.

Over the late spring and summer, I had a chronic little tickly throat cough that just wouldn't go way and would wake me at night. During that time, I read one of the readings for the Pentecoste Mass in another language I am fluent in, and our liturgist approached me afterwards and suggested I become a lector for our church. A couple of weeks later I was on retreat and our group was responsible for planning the ending liturgy. Again I read the readings, and a woman came up to me afterward and told me what a beautiful voice I had. Anyway, the combination of events really prompted me to reflect about "my voice", how I wanted it to be a voice for God and also about my voice as an outward expression of myself. (I learned early in life to keep my mouth shut, and the habit has been hard to break.) The cough is gone now.

While in flight to the symposium, I used about an hour of the time to do some contemplative prayer, after which I was overwhelmed by a feeling of peace and love and began praying one by one for people I know, especially family. As soon as I was done, however, I felt one of those migraines, like the bilious ones that were coming after CP or Mass. Shortly after checking into my airbnb, I began to feel extremely nauseated and ended up vomiting throughout the whole evening until all the bitter bile was gone. Several times during the actual vomiting I would experience huge waves of peace come over me and the K vibrations would intensify. By 10pm, it felt as if all the bitterness of my life was in that bucket. Whew!

Purgation has been a theme through this all.

I do have some other beautiful stories of healing in my acupuncture practice since k awakening, which I have touched on in other posts. These though have been through prayer only. One evening, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed from seeing the ongoing suffering of some of my patients, two in particular were in my mind. The house was quiet, so I spent an hour in deep prayer and wondered at some point why God didn't just heal these two people. At that moment, I felt a kind of an emanation come from me, but in the depth of my being, nothing physical. I knew, too, something was going to happen. When I saw again the first patient, she told me later that night of the prayer she was overwhelmed with diarrhea and was up until the wee hours in the morning, yet through it all she remained in a very peaceful state (which was unusual for her.) She also began experiencing a very bitter taste in her mouth for a couple of weeks until it cleared.

The other woman I have been treating for a couple of years with a very recalcitrant mental-emotional disorder. Her tongue is always beet red as she has extreme repression from the abuse she has been suffering. At her next visit, I asked her to show me her tongue, and all the heat had been cleared. It was actually pale! (Tongues usually don't show much shift.)

While on retreat, a woman shared her tragic life story, which brought be to tears. I was feeling very compelled and I asked her if she wanted me to come pray over her that evening. The retreat center had been so cold for the participants that we were all unable to sleep. This person suffered from a circulatory disorder also and was always cold, so she wasn't sleeping at all at night. During the prayer I could see the bursts of light (I've mentioned before having.). She told me the next day that she had woken up in the middle of the night feeling very warm, so warm in fact that she has to take off all the covers! And she was feeling the intense peace. She told me two weeks later that her back no longer was bothering her either.

Also on the retreat, at the end of vespers one day, we joined hands and prayed the Our Father. At the end, I also prayed for the two people whose hands I held. Again I felt that emanation feeling toward the person on my right. (I had been moved by his story as well.) Well that night, he woke with the most excruciating neck pain and I knew it was a clearing that was trying to take place. I did some acupuncture and talked him through some of it; it was followed by a very intense release of tears and he began to feel somewhat better.

I'm getting long here, I know, but there was another patient, and when I walked in to the treatment room, she registered in my heart as the suffering Christ. I touched her arm and told her everything was going to be alright (in the Julian of Norwich meaning). Well as soon as I touched her, she had a strange "almost mystical" experience and her foot started to feel really hot. She had complained about her aching feet earlier. (She actually went home at mowed her lawn, which hadn't been able to do for two years.) The next session, she began crying again, so I wiped the tears from her eyes (she couldn't move with all the needles in.) And she said, "This time its my other foot that is going warm."

Anyway, this is how my journey into God continues as k awakens. Blessings to you all.
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Wonderful sharing, acuveda! It seems that you are being blessed with gifts of healing and speaking, not to mention your own inner transformation. Your acupuncture practice and knowledge of ayurvedic medicine complements your Christian faith journey most beautifully, and that's a gift, too.

I have experienced numerous visual experiences through the years that resonate somewhat with what you describe as rotating fractal auras. I have called these mandalas, or shimmering mandalas, and they seem to be a kind of "liquid light," manifesting as deep purple shades with a golden inner circle. The light seems to flow and the circles expand and contract. One can observe them and even probe them, but they are mostly just there, with the benefit of energizing and harmonizing the brain. Other times there are auric lights that glow, sometimes changing colors. Obviously, the optic region of the brain is being stimulated somehow, and presumably for some good. I have never heard this described as a migraine without the pain, but maybe that's the frame of reference an opthamologist would take.

Do you yourself undergo acupuncture? I have wondered what role it might play in helping people integrate k process. Some who've shared experiences with me about this have had benefits, but one in particular was deeply wounded by it as it had a very negative effect on the k flow. I suppose there are a spectrum of possible interventions one could make, is that right?
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"Liquid light", I like that description. I told the ophthamologist I had been meditating a lot the previous week, that I often saw swirling colors, and he said, "Interesting..." I wasn't really expecting a good answer; I just wanted to see his response. Smiler

As for the acupuncture on myself, I did have some initial discomfort and mild pain, but I was also doing herbal and prayer treatment at the same time--a bit of overkill perhaps, but far from feeling traumatized.

Acupuncture is not recommended for people who are extremely weak. With people who are sympathetic dominant, the "less is more" approach is recommended in terms of # of needles. Interestingly, strong, young males are the most likely to faint from an acupuncture treatment. In the first case, there isn't enough qi to sustain the body let alone heal it. In the the second, qi gets scattered and confused (think qi w/ ADHD), while w/ young men, qi is naturally energetic and volatile--it's like blowing a fuse.

As for the person w/kundalini syndrome being "deeply wounded", hmmm...I'm thinking that it wasn't actually the acupuncture rather something that was already there in that person that the acupuncture brought out. What I see happening in my patients with "negative" reactions--actually very few--is more of a struggle between the deeply held repressive forces of the unconscious mind and the body's qi trying to move it out "the gunk", whatever form it might take. Where they butt heads is the pain due to lack of "free flow". (All pain according to TCM results from lack of free flow, though the causes of lack of free flow are many.)

Acupuncture's effects on the body are overwhelmingly regulatory. Something that is too much will become less, something not enough will be augmented. This effect can be measured, for example, in functional MRIs showing areas of the brain being activated with acupuncture, thermal tomography showing reduction in inflammation at five minute intervals during needle retention, and electro imaging of meridians showing imbalanced meridians becoming more balanced after treatment. Acupuncture doesn't stop the free flow unless there has been a needle injury (punctured organ (extremely rare!), bruising, etc.) Kundalini itself isn't causing pain since its very nature is movement and flow.

Unfortunately, I have encountered very few patients with the understanding, awareness, or willpower for digesting, eliminating, surrendering--whatever needs to be done on their own part to restore the free flow. The needles don't solve everything!
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Thanks for your clarifications about acupuncture, acuveda. Perhaps the person who had the difficulty will jump in at some point and share and you can say something about that situation.

Kundalini itself isn't causing pain since its very nature is movement and flow.

Yes! As you note, pain is from blockages, and there are many, many causes, all of which will ultimately need to be resolved in the context of some kind of proper management of thought.
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Acuveda... I was catching up and saw your comments re: the painless migraines. Mine started around 1993 and they ran me through a lot of tests before labeling them “variant migraines “. I noticed that certain things triggered their likelihood... fluorescent lights, bright days, too much energy in the head caused by various kinds of stress, etc. one of the fascinating things about them is that when they occur I fall into a deep alpha state...that lasts for about an hour or a bit longer. The auras can be so intense that it causes partial blindness... sometimes varying degrees of nausea follow, sometimes not. The one thing that does mitigate them is a baseball hat. The bill cuts the brightness and glare, although it seems the band around my head also has something to do with it as they have occurred even when the lights were off and I wasn’t wearing a hat, though not near as often. In hindsight they started about the same time k started moving higher, or about five years after I noticed low level kryas when meditating. I’m not sure what the relationship is, but there does seem to be some correlation.
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