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I haven't the inclination to read through these at the moment, but "I'll be back." Merton was, as you know, among other things, quite the poet:
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Some very nice lines from Winter�s Night

When, in the dark, the frost cracks on the window
The children awaken, and whisper.
One says the moonlight grated like a skate
Across the freezing river.
Another hears the starlight breaking like a knifeblade
Upon the silent, steelbright pond.
They say the trees are stiller than the frozen water
From waiting for a shouting light, a heavenly message.

Yet it is far from Christmas, when a star
Sang in the pane, as brittle as their innocence!
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Hi MM,

My all time favorite book of Merton is his second last journal entitled "Dare to Love," detailing his affair with the nurse "M." These truly show the human complexity of Merton and the many calls he had. Ultimately, they show him surmounting this affair and coming out of it with a deeper love for God. I also much enjoy his "Thoughts in Solitude." The idea/reality, for instance, of linking meditation with the opening of the eye of "humility" is especially striking. It reminds me of an interesting account which links up the "third eye" to the quality of forgiveness. You are a codependent? Heh. Well, I think I am too. Mostly on my parents right now.

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Perhaps we could have a thread on Thomas Merton, and devote this one to Blessed Mary. Merton runs all through our discussions around here, and I'm Great-full for his presense, as well as the very unique and marvelous Asher! Smiler
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As an Anglican I have a very deep appreciation for Mary including devotions. Your story reminds me of the Moslems in the middle East who still have a very strong devotion to Jesus and Mary. Even at times having visions and practicing ancient devotions probably inherited by the Orthodox before Islam came. Hindu goddesses I am not sure but I have always believed that whenever Mary or another saint appears it is always to bring us closer to the Divine or the light of the universe in the tradition I come from that would be Christ. I am blessed to belong a very inclusive apostolic faith so Mary's example is taken very seriously.
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