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The only thing that has been changed in this story is the childs name to protect the privacy of this family...

Story of Jesus and the child....

In June of 1996 i had received a prayer request for a child by the name of Brandon. I did not know Brandon or his family. I didn't know what I was praying for when I had received his name to pray for him. I did not know at that time that Brandon was a child or even where he lived. Shortly after praying for Brandon, i noticed a tightness in my lower back. Also a slight pain in my groin area on the right side...

It was the following day, upon rising, that I hurt so terribly in my body that I thought I was going to die. The only time I experienced relief was when I prayed for others. I was in such pain I could hardly move. I could not lie down comfortably , or eat. I also had difficulty standing and walking. It felt like someone was sticking me with a knife in my groin. After two weeks of this, i was alone in my home and i cried out to God in despair and anguish to please help me! I told God i was afraid as the pain was almost unbearable , it was then that the phone rang. I was seriously tempted not to get up and answer it.. It turned out to be the uncle of Brandon. He has gotten my phone number from the person who had given me Brandon's name to pray for.

He said his little nephew had taken a turn for the worse a couple weeks ago and he asked if had i been praying for him. He told me this child was in a lot of pain, and began to describe his symptoms to me . what i was experiencing physically, was just like Brandons symptoms described to me.

He requested I contact the childs family . I learned from the him that this family had not yet exhausted all their resources in an attempt to find medical treatment for their son. I told him to have them call me if they wanted to. A week later the mother called, and was initially rather brusque and defensive with me. She told me she had spoken with her brother and asked precisely when I 'supposedly' began to experience symptoms like her son. I gave her the time and the date. She was initially stunned as this correlated with when her son had gone out of remission. She asked me to come see her son. I asked her if her and her husband were at all spiritually inclined. She told me that as a kid she had gone to church, but she wasn't really into that spiritual stuff now. I asked her if she was willing to trust Jesus and pray an hour a day for her sons healing. . She said she would be willing to do that. She asked if i would come visit them... I told her I would leave Saturday night to come to see them.

During that week, before i left to go meet them, I had a vivid dream and in the dream I was told to go to a specific Catholic church. The name of that church was St. Stanislaus. I looked in the phone book the next day and there were 3 Catholic Churches in that area and sure enough, there was a church by that name. My friend Kathy drove me over because my groin and right leg hurt too badly for me to drive, it was all i could do to sit in a car my body hurt so badly..

Kathy and I left that Saturday night . I was very tired and had a lot of pain. I prayed the rosary the full eight hours on the way over there. My prayers felt like the deadest, driest prayers i have ever prayed, so i focused on every word . I asked the Blessed Mother to forgive me for such a dryness. I remember looking up at the moon on the long drive over, wondering what exactly i was to do when i got to this child.

We arrived at 4 AM. and got a room We were exhausted. I got up the next day to go to the Catholic Church that i had felt i had been instructed to go to in my dream. It had been years since i had been in a Catholic Church and i found myself moved by the gospel. I wanted to receive communion very badly but was a bit hesitant to do so, as it had been so long since i had been to mass. My thoughts were , "Who am I to receive You this day??!!" i struggled in my heart as to what i should do but then was moved by the Holy Spirit to go up and receive communion.

After Mass, I was deluged with emotion. I do not know if it was because i was tired, hurting, felt out of my element in a church i had not attended in years. I was deeply moved by a statue of Jesus at the front of the church . It was a Huge statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Since i was the only one left in this church after mass , i went up to this statue and began to touch it , feeling the holes in His hands and feet and side.... the veins in His hands looked so real . I was overcome with such piercing love for Jesus, I clung to that statue and wept. Next to this statue were some oils. My heart was so full , to this day i have no words to adequately express this state of being much less understanding it.. It was one of the most real , raw feelings i have ever had. I was so deeply moved i took those oils and smeared the statues feet and hands and face with oil as i wept kissing it, sobbing my brains out.. If anyone had come in and saw me in this state they probably would have thought me nuts, but i did not care..

I stayed there for two hours, weeping , wiping oil all over this statue , kissing it, clinging to it and talking to Jesus about everything inside me , finding it difficult to leave. Typically, i am not one for showing emotion in this way. I am a rather shy reserved person who normally is uncomfortable with any strong outward display of emotions, much less such a display in some church i had never been in before in some city i had also never been in before.

Before I left the sanctuary I felt a pull to Go up to the tabernacle." I walked over to the tabernacle that held the body of Christ in the disguise of those little Hosts. As I leaned over to kiss the door of the Tabernacle, i noticed that the keys had been left in the door! I was startled, as i knew that when i was in the Catholic church years ago, that this was not the protocol. Then deep within my heart i heard vividly, " Take My body and feed My people." I opened the tabernacle and reached in and took some of the Hosts. Later i learned that i had taken just enough for the entire family . I did not know how many were in the family until i had met them all later that day..

When we drove up to Brandons' house i was a bit nervous. I did not know what to expect. As i approached the front door it was opened by a young child with a manipulative grin on his face. We looked at one another for an awkward moment and then he let me in to meet his parents. Now in all fairness this child was not easy for me to like. He was very demanding , bratty and I could see no loveliness about him. He would come up and get into my face then hit me and run away screaming, " Get away from me!" In his favor, i had brought him some pictures and books of Jesus and he did seem quite interested in them as we all visited and got to know one another.

After the first introductions were over we shared in communion with the communion hosts i taken from the church and with the wine the family had provided. After communion i baptized Brandon right there in the living room. Afterwards , Brandons parents and me and were sitting quietly watching Brandon play in the living room after his baptism. I was still in terrible pain. We were sitting there listening to some christian music i had brought. Brandon was playing on the floor about 20 feet away from me , with his back turned from me, when something happened suddenly that I could barely recollect moments after it occurred, yet has stayed with me in a profound way every day of my life since it happened. It was like someone in heaven flipped a switch on within my being and i saw and experienced in a way that was way , way beyond human seeing and understanding in ordinary consciousness. So powerful and at the same time peaceful i thought i was about to drop my body.

Immediately, At the same time i was having this experience, Brandon jumped up from where he was playing, ran to me, and jumped up onto my lap. We beheld one another. He physically looked the same, but I didn't see or experience him in anyway remotely the same way i had just moments earlier. I saw in a way that is indescribable, with eyes that were not my own. This little child appeared, in some fashion I cannot explain.

Words seem cheap in attempting to describe.. the best i can come up with , and these words fall way short is...He was perfect, radiant, beautiful, perfection! -- There really are no words on earth that can describe those moments. I was not in a trance, i was perfectly present and aware of all that was going on around me, but nothing was as beautiful as this child! There was no sentimentality involved. I know, for about 40 seconds, I was allowed to see how we are seen through the eyes of God. I also felt swallowed up in the tangible Presence of God. I remember turning my head at the time, to look at Brandons parents sitting on the couch next to me. i remember vividly thinking, " This place is a garbage dump compared to what is going on here!" I did not want to remain on the physical plane any longer the experience was so intense. This experience was so intense, if it had lasted any longer i think i would have dropped my body.

My gaze returned to Brandon laying in my arms and i was moved to touch him. Touching him involved extreme heat, i also was extreme heat.. He fell into a deep sleep in seconds. I put him down on a nearby couch and fell on my face before God , kneeling on the floor.. I began to recite the joyful mysteries of the rosary. Apparently i prayed for about 5 hours... It seems like a few minutes. Brandons parents were also moved to pray without knowing what had just occurred between their son and i. Brandons father began to weep while we were all praying... he did not know why he was crying uncontrollably.

During this time of prayer, i heard vividly and clearly, "I will heal the child on the third day, and draw the family to me." I was instructed to stay the next two days. I was also instructed to tell Brandons dad to stay home from work next day, that he was to be with his family. I was calm and had absolutely no doubt that these instructions came from God. He did not understand this, nor did i, but i was not hesitant to tell him what i had heard and what i was suppose to tell him as i understood this direction came under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, there was no ' me ' in it. I also told them the second message i had heard while praying and that was to have them ask people to come to their home the following evening and pray in gratitude for the healing of Brandon.. At that time i left for the day.

Upon waking the next day i heard within my heart to leave the family alone for the day and that i was to go back to the church and pray. I called and told them this and they seemed rather perplexed as why i was going off to pray when i had come to see them. I told them i was going to the church and that i didn't know any more than they did concerning the ' whys' and that i would be back at their home by 7 PM to pray with the others who were coming that evening to pray for Brandon in Gratitude for his healing..

It was raining that day and i was glad as it had been so hot the previous day. I was still in a lot of pain. I was dropped off at this church bu my friend Kathy who took the car to go shopping.. I had no sooner begun to pray in the church when a man came out of the back room. I did not know he was the priest as he was dressed in regular street clothing. He told me he was going to lock up the church and that I needed to leave. I was polite but I told him I had come a long ways, that i was in the area to pray for a child who was very ill . I told him my ride had left me and it was raining out and it was a long ways to the place I was staying and i wasn't even sure i could find it if i tried!. He told me i had to leave. As i was picking up my things to leave the sanctuary, i turned to look at the statue of Jesus one more time before i left the church. He became irritated with me and said, " Come on, quit jerking me around and get out of here!" I was shocked by his way of speaking , i turned bright red with embarrassment but knew in my heart not to react to his words but rather, i was to be kind to him.... when he walked me to the door he was more polite and he directed me next door to the hospital chapel to pray if i wanted to.

when I got over to the hospital i asked where the chapel was and told the receptionist at the hospital what had happened over at the church. . She directed me to the chapel where i then prayed. In a short while, a strict looking nun came in and asked me what had happened over at the church. Apparently the receptionist told her about the incident. So, I told her what happened. After sharing with her , even though she looked stern, I thought i would ask her (since she was a catholic nun and probably knew more about spiritual things than i did ) if her hands and chest ever got hot, because mine did. She looked at me a long moment then told me her hands did but not her chest. I was incredibly happy with this information as i did not know anyone else this happened to and so i did not feel so alone. It helped a great deal to know someone else had this happening to them too.. I also asked her, after explaining about the pain in my body, if it would go away. She was solemn in her response, and said, " Maybe, maybe not." Then, i confessed about taking the Hosts from the tabernacle, and all that went on for me in the church the day before , except i did not reveal about me hanging off the statue. As friendly as she had been , i thought that might be pushing it a bit for a nun to handle.

I was surprised by her questions.. she asked ' "did you feel like you were stealing when you took the Hosts?" i thought for a moment and said " No sister i did not... if i could have, i would have taken all the Hosts and given it to the whole world!" She caught me off guard when she chuckled as she was much more friendly than she appeared in her stern looking habit. I then got up off the chair i was sitting on and moved toward the front of the chapel where the resurrected Jesus on the cross was and got up all my nerve and said while pointing to that crucifix with the resurrected Jesus on it........ " Sister.. what if i told you that when Jesus came the first time they did not recognize Him and they killed Him as he did not fit their understanding as to what a Messiah looked like... and well, (pointing to my hands and body) what if i told you that Jesus has come now in this fashion, and the whole damn planet is heading for Ascension!!!" she laughed and said, " i think you would be very wise in understanding this'.... and we laughed with JOY! and then Kathy came to the door of the chapel to find me and we left laughing and with great joy saying goodbye to the nun.

After leaving the hospital , on the way back to Brandons house , we were driving through some suburbs when i heard within my heart to stop and get three long stemmed roses, red roses with thorns on them from the florist shop up the road. I heard i was to have them wrapped in purple tissue paper and i was to put them on the make shift altar that Brandons' family had made for the prayer group that evening. I told Kathy what i had heard while she was driving and she said, " There is no florist shop way out here!" While i was still pondering what i heard in light of her assertion that there was no florist shop in that area, within a mile there was a florist shop in a little house . I got the flowers and asked that they be prepared the way i heard within my heart.

When we arrived at Brandons house that evening, I was met by Brandons mom at the door to greet us.. She was totally stunned as she shared with us that her husband had been touched by God during the day. She kept saying, " I cannot believe this! This is NOT how my husband acts!" We walked into Brandons bedroom and her husband was kneeling on the floor praying. His head was bowed completely down to the floor and he was weeping with joy and praising God! Brandon was in his bed watching all of this... later i learned that he went out and bought children's bibles for all the kids.

That evening the house was crammed full of people from every denomination imaginable . I was instructed to speak briefly about Gods love for all and then to pray and lead others in the sorrowful mystery's of the rosary. A bit of a miracle here... even though there were people from every denomination possible.. all prayed the rosary with me!

I was about to begin praying when Brandon came up and snatched my rosary from out of my hands and began swinging it around screaming and being bratty. His mother was chasing him around the house trying to retrieve it, when i noticed there was another rosary lying on the make shift altar. It was a large pink one. I picked it up and asked if i could use it and told Brandons mom to ' to let Brandon have my rosary for the time being' I was informed then that the one i had just picked up came from Medjugorje, that someone had brought it that evening.

When i began to pray with the group that evening, Brandon was running around the house occasionally coming up to me and trying to push me over while i knelt on the floor praying. During the praying of the rosary i was praying what is traditionally said in one part of the prayer:

" Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins save us from the fires of hell ".... .....................

before i could finish the rest of it , Brandon ran up and stopped abruptly to my right and touched my arm, looking at me with great earnestness. I looked at him directly in the eyes and finished speaking the rest of the prayer :

" and lead all souls to heaven especially those who have most need of your mercy." .............................

We once again beheld one another in silence for about 30 seconds, then he ran off and i returned to praying. I met many people that night, one woman i met was Brandons grandmother, a devoted christian woman who loved Jesus very much whose favorite psalm was psalm 91.

On the third day upon waking i was instructed to go be with the family and pray the Glorious mysteries of the rosary. Brandon's family and I spent the day simply hanging out.. Brandon, as usual was being a brat, pushing his brother and sister around and screaming his favorite expression every time he was reprimanded, that phrase being, " get away from me !" in his usual snarling voice.

Something peculiar did happen that day that i have always held dear and have pondered over. In attempting to get my attention, Brandon showed me a funky little holy card of a barefoot Jesus, with light streaming out of His chest. The bottom of the card read, "Jesus I trust in You." Other than that, it said nothing else on the back of the card concerning the origin of it. .

Brandon would look at this Holy card and then take my hand looking at the picture of Jesus on this card and then scrutinize my hand and say, " Jesus hand!" Then he would look at me like we had a secret. He would then look at the picture again and look at me and point at my eyes and say " Jesus eye!" In retrospect, I was clueless. He kept handling my hands, saying "Jesus' hands." He kept pointing at my eyes, while looking at the holy card , saying again and again , " Jesus eyes! I was thinking, "OK, that's nice, kid," wondering why he associated the picture with me. i simply patted him on the head and questioned if this had to do with what happened the day we beheld each other.. that maybe he too had a seeing that was different from normal consciousness.. I asked his mother where Brandon got this card as she had told me they had not been into anything 'spiritual' before i had met them. She said, "Oh, a friend of the family had been over to Medjugorje, and placed Brandon's name there for healing. A place where it has been said that the Blessed Mother is appearing on the earth today, to give hope to the world in the name of her Son Jesus .... She brought that Holy card back from Medjugorje for Brandon and Brandon has taken a real liking to it."

That evening the family had a few friends over to pray. We prayed the glorious mysteries and Brandon's mom began to weep, crying out for the healing of her son and asking God to touch her. Brandon was brought out to the living room where we were all praying but curiously i did not feel led to touch him as i would have thought i would have.. I mean, this was the ' third day ' and i believed what i had heard interiorly, that this child would be healed on the third day. Instead of praying for Brandon, i felt directed to pray for those present in that room. I did just that and all present were touched by the fire of God..

We all pondered what this heat could mean and why Brandon , as far as we knew, had not been healed right then and there. What i ' thought ' was maybe that God was simply going to move in a way we did not understand and heal the child over a period of time.. All agreed with that possibility. The people in that room were deeply touched by God that evening and we stayed for a long while and all continued to pray and worship God....the next day i left for home.

As i crossed the Mountains on the way back home, i was listening to some old Keith Green music, ( christian singer who is now with the Lord.) and i was filled with great joy and i was praising God when i became aware that i was no longer in ANY pain! i was absolutely pain free!

The next month i worked hard in my business and was getting ready to take a vacation at the end of the month when i heard within my heart, " You need to go back to the child, Brandon.." My first response was, " What do you mean go back??! I have done what you asked me to do! why do i need to go back? "

I got up and called the family only to learn Brandon had been quite ill the past couple of days and he was so ill that they might have to him flown to Childrens Hospital. They asked me to come back to see them. . Admittedly i was not happy about this. I said I would give it some thought as my car was not working and i would need to find someone to bring me over in their car. God dealt with me those few days so I called on Thursday night and told them that I would come back. A woman i knew as an acquaintance offered to take me over in her car. Her name is Sydney. We decided to leave at 4A.M. to beat rush hour traffic .

I woke up precisely at 3AM Friday morning. Upon waking, I found myself sitting up on the edge of my bed, with my arms outstretched to my sides, and out of my mouth came these words: "In thy midst I will also be." The sound of my voice woke me up. Startled, I repeatedly the words i heard a second time, so i could 'precisely' recall the words coming out of my mouth when awakening. It's funny how things can be veiled in the moment. As much as the mind attempted to grasp the meaning of this event, It did not see, or understand anything before leaving that morning to go back to that little boy. The significance of those words and the events that happened the next three days has changed my life forever , much like when the disciples of Jesus went and found the empty tomb on the third day and found Jesus Gone...

We arrived at the house, and Brandon was lying on the couch,ornery, bloated, and miserable. Brandon, who was all hooked up to various tubes, kept demanding food, and when it was placed in front of him, he wouldn't eat it. He just stared at it while his mother ran around the kitchen acquiescing to his demands. In retrospect, i think some part of him knew he was dying but i didn't know that , yet. After supper the other two children came up to me and asked if they could know Jesus too . I was touched by their innocence and desire to know God. I had not even gotten the Lords prayer out of my mouth when both off them were touched by God... they spoke of the intense heat that came upon them.

Later that night Brandon was running a fever and his mother called the Doctor and he told her to bring him into the hospital that night.. When they went out the door to go to the hospital , my eyes connected with Brandons and I knew in my heart he wasn't coming back home. I asked Brandons dad if this was typical, his going off like this to the hospital, and he said that cancer kids always run fevers and go to the hospital unexpectedly, that he would most likely be back the next day,. but in my heart i knew this was different.. he was not coming back..

The next morning when I got up , Brandon's father was on the phone with Brandons mother. he was having problems breathing. We left for the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital we could hear Brandon screaming from way down the hall... " Get away from me!" When we entered his room there were at least 20 family members in that room, touching and prodding Brandon ' to get well.' I saw a frightened overwhelmed little boy lying on the bed under the covers with these great big huge eyes peering out at all of us. . I asked Brandons mother to please ask all those people to leave the room for the time being sohe could rest. I asked her permission to sit with Brandon and pray. she said ' ok'. She and Brandons dad went to speak with his doctor.

I sat by Brandons bed and simply began to pray quietly. Brandon was silently watching me for about 20 minutes then he said, " I will cooperate with you." He did. He asked to have his little Holy card he liked so much taped to the railing of his bed. Throughout that day people came and went and everyone prayed.. they all expected a miracle.

At 7 pm Brandon was fully conscious and screaming at ugly things that we could not see. He referred to them as big "bugs". He was very afraid. By Gods grace, I did have the sense to rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ, and they left. The family was still in denial concerning his death, they thought God would heal their child and they would all walk out of that hospital... I knew I was there to support the child.

At 3 am, Sunday morning, all the family members were present, many people. There was much weeping and wailing going on in that room. All of a sudden, a lot of heat and current entered the room. I was praying the rosary at the time and looked up to see Brandons grandmother across the room from me looking up too. She appeared to be aware of what i was sensing and questioning what was going on like i was.. I looked next to me and saw the woman i had come with , Sydney, bow her head. She told me later at that time she too felt the great heat and tingling current at that same time. None of us really knew what it meant though. The thought of Jesus being in that room with all of us never occurred to us... I mean, that kind of thing only happens to ' holy people' in Eastern Europe , not in a hospital room in the USA where a child and his family and friends were suffering and grieving.

I was pretty numb by then, but I kept praying, thinking I had given the family false hope by telling them what i had about their son being healed on the third day . In my heart of hearts i KNEW i had heard correctly..... People in that room were angry with God and hurting as they watched Brandon suffer. They were crying....For about 30 seconds, I too questioned God's love for His people.

Brandon was fully alert at 5 AM . The nurses came in to give Brandon morphine when i jumped up and demanded they please leave the room. I said to them , " You must go now... he will be leaving soon, he does not need that!" .. They left. In retrospect that is not something i would have typically done. I was not a member of that family and it was not my place to speak to the nurses concerning his medical needs. After i sat back down, Brandons grandmother said to him , " Brandon, Jesus loves you." She blew him a kiss. Brandon looked at her for a moment and then blew her a kiss back... ...

About 15 seconds later, I was the last one to speak to Brandon. Our eyes connected and the words just came out of my mouth.... I said, " " Brandon, Jesus is here. Honey, we all want you to go. It's OK. Close your eyes, Jesus is here. We will all be with you soon, close your eyes honey, Jesus is here!." ( i want to be clear here.. i had no conscious knowing or awareness that Jesus was in that room at the time... none, it never even occurred to me such a thing.) I spoke those words and did not give much thought to them as i spoke them. I didn't feel like i was lying or patronizing Brandon when i said it.. i simply didn't give it any thought. I simply spoke those words and didn't have time to think or reflect about what i said and why i said it.. there was no sense of mystical knowing. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Right after i spoke those words , Brandon looked at me a long second and his eyes rolled up twice into his head as if he were very, very sleepy and then he shut them. My focus was with Brandon.. Oddly , i did not expect him to expire then. there was nothing to indicate any change in his condition and I had no clue that he was nearing his transition... there was absolutely no evidence that would suggest that his earthly life was coming to an end immediately.

My friend Sydney, and Brandon's grandmother, turned their attention to the hospital room door behind us as i spoke those last words to Brandon. In retrospect , They said they did not know why they felt moved to turn their attention to the back of the room where the door was, they just did... My eyes remained on Brandon who was about 6 feet away from me. .

Brandon reopened his eyes. For a moment i thought he was starring at me but he was staring 'past' me. Initially his look was one of deep, pensive somberness. Then, a look of dawning recognition lit up his face, then,a look of pure... exuberance. As i looked at Brandon I saw a red light forming on the right side of his face and a lightish pale ray on his left side of his face and a golden yellow light around his head.. .. I had time to think, "He sees someone... and where is that light coming from? " These streams of light began to grow stronger on Brandons face. This all happened very quickly. Then I saw Brandon as I saw him when he'd sat on my lap the first day i had met him and i saw him again as ...utterly pure, radiant perfection. Now, his joy, indescribable. There are no words to describe the ecstasy on his face accurately.. To this day i have searched for the right words and have found none that come even close , other than to say it was like all his life he had waited for the one moment in behold the glory and love of Jesus Christ. Not a day goes by i do not recall that look... his physical features have dimmmed in my minds eye over the years.. but that look.. ***never***.. By the grace of God, i will carry it into eternity.

Brandons grandmother and Sydney witnessed Jesus appear at the doorway entrance of that hospital room. They both described Jesus as He appeared to blow together very rapidly from particles of light at the hospital room door. Brandons grandmother and Sydney witnessed this, i did not. Both women described their experience of what they saw without any input from the other. Both women described what they saw and both women described the exact same event identically, without any discrepancy in their stories.

I did see Jesus move past me, about two feet away from my right side. Streams of light directed toward Brandon shone from His chest. He was fully cloaked, His gown covered His body completely .The humility and meekness and a sense of quiet that Jesus bore within His Presence, is beyond anything i have ever seen portrayed on the earth... even in the most religious film, i had never seen anything like that. There was a great sense of Authority when He took the soul of Brandon that was powerful and majestic, yet not the least bit showy.

Jesus took Brandons soul from the diaphragm with His right hand. When He took it the soul, it looked like a bright white light, like a light bulb flash went off.. The taking was swift.. the movement of His hand was much like a snatching movement when he took the soul. Jesus vanished quicker than we could blink. all three of us witnessed this. A few people in that room said they saw white light hit the child.. most saw nothing. Brandon little body fell back on the bed, his face and body in complete repose of peace he looked ( literally) angelic. his eyes closed, his little hands palms upward.. ...i have never beheld such a beautiful child as if in a deep sleep.

Brandon trusted Jesus.... and Jesus came. This occurred on a Sunday morning,(the third day) September 1, 1996, right before dawn. The Ultimate healing.. Jesus took Him home! As Jesus promised.. the entire family has come to God. Brandon never did step inside of a church. He had never opened a bible .. but he knew Jesus. and Jesus came to this little boy and took his soul home.

Even though I knew immediately in my heart, who i saw that early morning in that hospital room taking the soul of that little boy, it was not until February 7th 1997 that I learned for certain that the figure I saw in that hospital room was Jesus Christ.. For months i had been sharing about the red ray and the whitish ray i saw appear on the face of Brandons when Jesus came for Brandon, but i didn't understand the meaning of those rays i saw..

I had gone down to Seattle with Sydney on February 7th 1997. We stopped in at a Carmelite Monastery to pray.. I was browsing around in the book section where I saw the same picture that Brandon was so fond of on a flyer announcing an upcoming conference on " Jesus of the Divine Mercy". Sydney and i left the monastery and went down to a Catholic book store in Seattle to look for more information on Jesus of the Divine Mercy. It was there we were first introduced to the story of St Faustina and Jesus of the Divine mercy..

We learned it was in the 1930's that Jesus appeared to a little Polish nun named Helena Faustina, ( now St. Faustina) and spoke to her many times. He asked her to create a painting of Him. The painting is of Jesus in a dark indigo setting, at a door, with two rays streaming from His Heart. One was red, depicting the life of souls, the other white, depicting the power of God that makes souls righteous. These were the rays that I saw in that hospital room, when Jesus Christ took Brandons soul home..Jesus of the Divine Mercy, entered that hospital room and took a little boy home who trusted Him.... Jesus told Saint faustina that before His second coming that there would be a period of grace for the world and that all who trusted His mercy would be saved....especially those who had most need of His mercy....

one can find much about the promises of Christ Jesus online ..................

may He be praised! Jesus i trust in You!
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I surmise you've read her diary. I've read it once and devoured it and am starting it a second time, to savour more slowly. I say the chaplet every day. I'm impelled to do it. I feel certain I am to interceed--- for family members especially. When I saw the site name you chose, I wondered at the connection. Powerful how God works, if we let Him.

As I read though your experience I recognized the symbolism you described and knew .......Our Lord of Divine Mercy. Amen!!!
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That's an amazing story you've shared with us, faustina. Thank you so much. You certainly were deeply surrendered to be an instrument of God's loving care in the life of young Brandon and his family. I's quite edifying to hear of how Jesus came to take this child to himself.

You mentioned in another thread that you'd shared your story with Anne Rice. Have you heard back from her? I really enjoyed her book, Called Out of Darkness.
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Hi Christine,

I add my heartfelt thank you for sharing your story. I was deeply moved by this dramatic reminder of God's love for His children. The stories of Jesus coming to us at the end of our lives never fail to uplift me.

Your report of experiencing a taste of heaven through those precious moments with B. is very beautiful. The pleasure and perfection of our lives with the Lord is totally beyond description. Nothing on the earthly plane comes close to what is waiting for us in Christ. And yes, Christ's love is so deeply personal. That discovery was a major turn in my spiritual journey focussed on non-duality.

I'm curious to know, what do you make of hearing God tell you that B. would be healed in three days when that was not the reality? It seems you now understand the message as a kind of metaphor, that 'healed' means taken by Christ into the next world. This is obviously very different than 'healed' as in cured of his disease--which is what you understood and shared with his family. I've read numerous accounts of people with healing/prophetic gifts who say something is from God and then later change their original interpretation when reality does not bear it out...I wonder about how much God speaks to us in these kinds of riddles of sorts. Why would He mislead us or allow us to be misled? He apparently did you and B.'s family.

Almost every healer I've read has shared about the experience of being confused, disappointed, and humbled by what they heard/interpreted from God that was not borne out. In some cases, it's clear we have to wonder if it was God's voice or some other source (i.e. our wishes) and I'm not at all suggesting this applies to the incident you share. Just wondering what you make of it now that several years have elapsed.

Also, I'm curious what you mean by your comment that the whole planet is Ascending? Maybe that discussion would take us into another thread, depending on how much your response is related to your personal transforation experience.

Thank you, Christine, for praying for the lost. It is so good to know of your love and dedication.

God's peace and love to you,
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In reading the account, I don't believe God misled. God does not mislead. In our imperfection we may want to understand "will be healed in 3 days" in the way we want things to turn out. Of course we want physical healing but that was not God's will in this instance.

I also think when we say we "hear God's voice" it is advisable to have a spiritual director to discern what is actually going on. And stay extremely humble and pray that all is in God's will. Smiler
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Hi Phil and Carmel and Sasha,

well i don't know about the surrender part of it... i can't say i consciously felt or experienced myself in some ' surrendering mode' back then.. it was more like a clunky, fearful woman, living a life of deep sin, (blissfully unaware of it) , in physical pain, trying to show up for a little boy and his family completely unsure about what i was suppose to be doing there at the time! By Gods grace, i sincerely believed God would heal that little for the rest of it.... Gods great grace abounded and i happened to be there..for that i am eternally thankful.

on another note.. i haven't heard back from Anne Rice .. i suspect she is going through a lot of sorting out of mail now and i am one of the millions who wrote to her! i am keepin her in my prayers ..i know she loves the Lord a great deal and well.. at times it is difficult to love others when they do the things they do out of is a difficult lesson to look beyond the sin and ignorance and personality's of other people to the core of they relaly are and love them as Christ loves them.

Carmel.. it is true God does not misleadSmiler it is our minds that are not fully formed in Christ that do the misleading...God knows full well our limitations in our very human walk with Him, our tendency to judge and perceive His ways through the limited human consciousness. Until we grow in maturity where awareness begins to rise within us and we have' His consciousness inside us 'actively' and are authentically dead to self, we misjudge or get it wrong... our lower consciousness runs interference , acting as interpreter through the mind and the senses. i agree with you about having a spiritual director.. it is all to easy for us to fool ourselves and get stuck in delusion.


As much as i would love to answer your questions honestly, i must decline on a public forum. My heartfelt concern is that in any attempt to speak about personal ramifications as well as spiritual insights regarding this event , could lower it to the mental arena.

My fear is that in sharing about my personal experience and insights, there could be a gradual shift and focus onto 'me' and my' story, thus subject to debate and speculation, that could subtly begin to detract from the Divine Mercy message and the purity and mercy of Our Lord coming to a little boy who trusted in Him.

your questions are good questions.. and let me tell you, it would be all to easy for me to slip into the mode of ' me and my story around it' and insights that have arisen out of it.. all of it innocent enough.. but i know all to well my own human nature and how quickly one can find oneself picky ones spiritual navel, justify ones spiritual insights when others challenge or do not understand, blah blah blah... inadvertently throwing mud on the greatest story ever told.. Gods infinite mercy for mankind....

love and blessing to everyone! love christine
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I truly enjoyed reading your story of Brandon, as well as the following replies by you, Carmel, Phil, and Shasha. As you so well said it, " intimate God is within the lives of people..."

At the same time, I was glad to see Shasha ask some questions, since I had similar questions myself. I like St. Luke's description of Mary after the visit of the shepherds at the birth of Christ, "And Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Perhaps like Mary, many of us have parts of our relationship with God that we're reluctant to expose to public discussion. I think I may possibly understand why you wouldn't think it beneficial to go into a discussion of a beautiful, treasured experience, yet I was hoping Shasha's gently phrased questions could be talked about more.
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Ariel... i can truly understand wanting to know more about something as wonderful as this.. but the ramifications and spiritual insight unfolded over years.. some of the early visions and insights that followed i did not 'connect the dots' until several years later , when the higher meaning came out of left field! how does one write about that in a thread!? It is not that i desire to have it be some big mystery or secret.. it isn't, simply, i don't know how i would explain how God led me from point A to point B in understanding without getting bogged down in details.. .... thus distracting from the main big picture message of the Divine mercy.

i do have to admit i was a bit tickled to read Sashas post concerning God and riddles.. Smiler it is a wonderful way that God interacts with His people.. kinda like putting a needle in the haystack and we search for it and search for it , then stumble upon it a few months or years later when we least expect it! It makes the ' box' bigger..that little needle prick, deepening the awareness where the heart expands to see a bigger picture connected to the initial event... in this case witnessing Jesus take the soul of the little boy home and (Not that that wasn' t enough for a lifetime.) but leading me to the deeper meaning behind it, i was meant to discover later.

a brief example of this is when i saw the red ray and the white ray on Brandon's face.. i spoke of seeing this to others and pondered about those rays from Sept 1 1996 to February 7th 1997.. then was about to put it away, in my heart , never to speak of it again and even wrote a note to Lord in my diary to this effect two days before i went to a Carmelite monastery to pick up some books. It was there that i stumbled upon the little flyer with the Divine Mercy Picture on it, ( Brandons Holy Card he took such a liking to) which then led me to a Catholic book store where i found out about St Faustina and the Divine Mercy and what those rays stood for!! That is what i mean.. i LOVE the Great awesomeness of God because He always out does Himself with the surprise elementSmiler

Sasha indeed asked reasonable questions.. the obvious answers are.. God would never mislead, the child was healed on the third day, not just the way i 'heard it'' initially, and for a good reason... like i shared above, God , in His timing , threw the needle in the haystack knowing one day , when i was ready spiritually to hear it i would find the answer to the question... well at least for now, LOL!. God is never finished with us and is ALWAYS invested in making the box bigger.. He would not be God otherwise.. for me that is pure.. love.

the answer to what i meant about the whole planet ascending is not so easy to speak about....

How does one talk about 'that' riddle?

i could say a million things about it and one sentence could set someone off simply because in this consciousness people have very strong ideas about what that is going to look like, or' feel' no one should know what that looks like.. and in no way would i want to go somewhere that thru a misunderstanding i discredit the beauty and realness of Jesus coming to take that little boy Truth, all of everything will one day pass away but His mercy we will be contemplating forever...

The one question i feel i can answer of Sasha' s and post it without hesitation here on the forum , is the question, ' what do i make of it all now?' many years later.. the answer is, unequivocally , not a day goes by i do not recall the look on that childs face when He beheld the Glory of Jesus Christ, King of Mercy......

i want that look.. and.... i want the whole world to have that look on their faces when they see Him face to face... the bottom line is prayer. lifting each other up in prayer and those who God has given us to pray for..saying the chaplet and knowing it never comes back null and void... trusting Jesus and trusting all you pray for to Him. not to get caught up in this world as it is so transient and can never bring deep inner happiness.. pray for all and love all as Christ has loved us.. that's what i make of it now.. many years later... nothing else has lasting importance.
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I do appreciate and respect your wish not to distract from the main point of your story, Christ's Mercy.

It is very beautiful to know of the profound impact B. has had on your spirit. I also have been deeply moved by certain miracles/ touches from God that seem like they will last a lifetime.


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Originally posted by faustina:

God is never finished with us and is ALWAYS invested in making the box bigger...

... ' what do i make of it all now?' many years later.. the answer is, unequivocally , not a day goes by i do not recall the look on that childs face when He beheld the Glory of Jesus Christ, King of Mercy......

i want that look.. and.... i want the whole world to have that look on their faces when they see Him face to face...

Wonderfully well said, Christine. Smiler
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on a lighter note, christine, you finding that Divine Mercy flyer, kinda like me stumbling onto Phil's book, Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality, right when I needed it, didn't know a thing about what was happening to me. God delivers!!!! Big Grin
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Carmel.. me too! as a person raised Roman Catholic i had NO idea what was happening to me when it hitSmiler

sometime we should start a thread and talk about how kundalini opened in us.. when it happened to me i had never even heard of the word kundalini retrospect some of it was funny.. hilarious.. but at the time it was not!

it would be interesting to share our stories.. and possibly helpful to others who are not raised in eastern traditions...for a long while i thought it was the Holy Spirit....

love christine
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Originally posted by faustina:
... sometime we should start a thread and talk about how kundalini opened in us.. when it happened to me i had never even heard of the word kundalini retrospect some of it was funny.. hilarious.. but at the time it was not!

it would be interesting to share our stories.. and possibly helpful to others who are not raised in eastern traditions...for a long while i thought it was the Holy Spirit....

love christine

I'd encourage you to do that! Would be good to build up the body of stories from people who were niave about it and not searching to awaken k. or possibly not doing any kind of energy work at all. The collection of stories could be beneficial for those who equate the HS with k., which was my confusion a few years ago.
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Shasha.. i will do it! i really would like to hear other people here share about their kundalini opening and the ups and downs of discovery.... as you said, building up the body of stories of people who were truly naive... not doing any energy work to arouse K...

i will start a thread tonight!

love christine
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