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hi everyone...

I just finished a book by Erich Zenger.. A God of Vengence. Very good book actually.. but one thing he said that I decided to check out and perhaps clarify a bit is that the Catholic lectionary has eliminated some. He specifically mentions Ps.58, 83, and 109. When I get a free minute or two I am going to check and see if we have left any out of ours.
My question... does anyone have any idea why this was done and do you all think it should have been done? What do we do with the Psalms of violent laments... "the bash the head of their babies on the rocks" type.
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Not sure about the censoring/editing of those psalms you've mentioned, Wanda. I'll look it up sometime soon. (JB, you have any idea about this one?)

I kind of like the parts about sticking it to one's enemy, although I find it hard to pray those verses (except with regard to the X-critics at Macfixit forums--just checking if Brad's reading Wink ). Those are definitely human sentiments, and they're premised on a theology which saw good and evil as being rewarded only in this life.
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I learned that there were three types of psalms - the Glad, the Sad and the Mad - for every human emotion, for every human situation. Other than that, I'm neither a Scripture scholar nor a liturgist. Smiler

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