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Originally posted by brjaan:
[qb] I need to go back over step 1 thru 3 for some sanity in my life. I realized today that the stress from Fiance to be a better bread winner and her constant yelling to change who I am was getting to me and I almost lost my sobriety. I am bad with relationships How can i sort thru the yelling and look for the stuff I can learn from without getting angry and depressed? [/qb]
This isn't my area of expertise, but I am learning that I need to step aside, and try to be detached, and refuse to engage in arguments. Much easier said than done i know. Also the book, "The Power of Now" has helped me a lot.

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I am going to try to reawaken this thread. I am in the process of trying to jump start my recovery. I stopped attending meetings because my wife believes that the 12 steps are a waste of time. I have been attending 12 step group for an emotional addiction. I have been encouraged to go back. I am having difficulty explaining to her the need. She feels that if I do Eucharistic Adoration own up to my problem and give it to God I will be healed. I need some advice.
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Hi Jaan,

I'm sorry to hear that you and your wife are not in harmony about this issue. I don't know if you're aware, but we have a "Celebrate Recovery" thread started here at SP. It's a 12 -step program with a Christ-centered approach. I don't know if that comes closer to your wife's 'requirements.' Check it out. Smiler
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