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I have a C dif infection, consequent of taking antibiotics in mid-March. This created imbalance in my gut microbiome, allowing Claustridium difficile (C dif) to proliferate. They produce toxins that irritate the colon, causing diarrhea, cramps, and general malaise. They also produce spores, which can be viable for weeks. I'm on my second round of antibiotics and am also trying several probiotics to restore a healthy gut biome. We shall see . . .

I have seldom been sick through the years, so am having to adjust to this situation. Energy isn't so hot, and this, of course, affects prayer and everything else. But there is an opportunity, here, to remain open to God even during a down and dry time, a desolation. There are also opportunities to be in solidarity with others who suffer from this ailment, as well as those with debilitating diseases of all kinds.

It's tempting to bargain with God: "Please get me well so I can serve you better." But I am reminded in my spiritual reading that we can often profit more from our sickness and suffering than from our health. Also, we do not know what greater good might ensue in our lives from illness and hardship than if we were to have things our way.

St. Alphonsus Liguori notes:
Sickness is the acid test of spirituality, because it discloses whether our virtue is real or sham. If the soul is not agitated, does not break out in lamentations, is not feverishly restless in seeking a cure, but instead is submissive to the doctors and to superiors, is serene and tranquil, completely resigned to God's will, it is a sign that that soul is well-grounded in virtue.

God's love is always here/now, even if we don't feel so great. And we can always pray for the grace to love God and others as best we can.
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