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"The synod on Synodality, initiated by Pope Francis, is a two-year, worldwide undertaking during which Catholics will be encourage to submit feedback to their local diocese.

"Synodality, as defined by the International Theological Commission in 2018, is “the action of the Spirit in the communion of the Body of Christ and in the missionary journey of the People of God.” The term is generally understood to represent a process of discernment, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, involving bishops, priests, religious and lay Catholics, each according to the gifts and charisms of their vocation.

"Pope Francis wants us to join him in praying, listening, discerning, examining ourselves personally and the Church communally; to see if we’re truly on the path Jesus has set for His beloved bride, His mystical body, the Church. Pope Francis says, “There is no need to create a new church, but to create a different church."

- from https://heartlandspirituality....synod-on-synodality/ which has more info and an online form you can submit.


If you are Catholic, it's likely that your diocese will publicize various ways to participate, so check their website and other communications.
Feedback from non-Catholics is also welcomed.

We (Heartland Center for Spirituality) have set up an online form that anyone, anywhere can use to submit feedback, which will be complied by the Diocese of Dodge City. It would be good to note if you're not from our diocese so we can compile a separate summary for non-diocesan feedback. You can make an anonymous submission if you'd like. Use the link above for online form.

I don't know what will happen to the data after dioceses send it on to Rome, but will post any updates of relevance as I learn more. All in all, I think it's a good thing this is happening.
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