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- available as paperback and several digital formats

This book is a collection of 12 different works across a span of 32 years. In each, I experienced those moments of light, or insight, which is why they are still special to me. I am presenting them in an order that begins with basic Christian teachings and moves on to metaphysical insights then to spiritual practice. Collectively, they comprise a kind of “basics of Christianity,” but certainly not a comprehensive expression thereof. Thinking back on my own Christian journey, I think a book like this would have been helpful to me early on, and even later down the road. The material is not so jargonistic as to escape the comprehension of beginners, and yet (hopefully) substantive in a way to invite deepening growth for more mature Christians. I say this after having already used much of this material for Internet workshops, retreats, and book studies. I’ve retained the questions for reflection and discussion that I used in some of those interactive gatherings, so perhaps this book could also be used as a study resource.
- from the Preface.


1. God and Creation
2. The Witness of the Church to the Resurrection of Jesus
3. The Prince of Peace
4. The Holy Spirit and Christian Theology
5. The Nature of the Soul
6. Energies of the Soul
7. Wounded Human Nature and The False Self System
8. God, and the Problem of Suffering
9. Living The Serenity Prayer In Times of Darkness
10. Discerning God’s Will
11. Prayer in the Christian Tradition
12. Proverbs and Sayings
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