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Freedom . . . the right to "do as I please?" Login/Join 
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. . . for many in the U.S. means the right to choose as one wishes, with no interference from government or church rulings. This attitude is often considered "American," and those who promote it are "patriotic."

Biblically and spiritually, however, freedom is affirmed as a necessary pre-condition for loving relationship. Freedom is constrained by community and compelled by loving virtue. Jesus speaks of service as the highest exercise of freedom, especially when we put our lives on the line for the good of others (Jn. 15:13). The exercise of freedom without this consideration for the good of others moves in the opposite direction: selfishness . . . sin.

Love = a choice for the good of oneself and others. Godly.
Sin = a choice for oneself without concern for others. Diabolical.

These are the "two ways" referred to in Scripture, and they are alive and well in our hearts and in society today.
Where and how do you see these movements playing out?

Which road will you travel?

(Originally published on Facebook, 7-21-21)
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