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In an article by Dr. Robert A Kornfeld, Founder of the Institute for Integrative Podiatric Medicine, he writes about, “Lifestyle Diseases. “The diet and lifestyle of the average American is fueling an array of diseases” and “They are not doing anything to curb the stresses of modern living.”  Dr. Kornfeld is allegedly referring to how he believes our nation found itself in the current healthcare crisis, and the responsibility each of us has to be proactive in our own health care. At a time when obesity and juvenile diabetes is on the rise, Dr. Kornfeld makes a good argument about the role we play in assuming responsibility for the care of our bodies.

Reconnecting with the earth and allowing its ample supply of free electrons to neutralize the over abundant free radicals within our systems can go a long in our recovery. Dr Kornfeld goes on to say, “complete reliance on drugs to manage the growing population of patients with chronic illness will not stem the tide,” however, grounding has been shown to be an essential step in giving our bodies what they need in order for them to do the job they were intended.

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