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Depression is regarded as one of the biggest mental relate concerns that can affect any individual at any time. Women are more likely to be affected by depression than men. It is not necessary that every individual faces depression in a unique way. As a matter of fact, on some occasions, you can’t even tell that you have been affected by depression unless you start experiencing the extreme symptoms. Some of the common symptoms associated with depression are low self esteem, feeling tired and experiencing lack of energy to do anything. When affected by depression you could also find it difficult to enjoy the things that usually interest you. There are several ways via which you can alleviate or avoid the concern of depression, continue reading to learn about some.
For treating depression effectively, the first variable to consider is to identifying its root cause. For the cause, you may have to perform a research by trying to sort out individuals who experience the same symptoms as you. See that you enjoy the outdoor air on a constant basis. Staying indoors all the time can only catalyze the symptoms of depression, therefore, see that you go for a brisk walk in the evening and morning. If you have any close friends, feel free to talk to them openly. Talking about the daily day aspects with your friends can even help you to stay away from symptoms of depression. If nothing mentioned above seems to workout, you can consider undergoing a laughter therapy for depression laughter therapy for depression. You can find such therapy programs with ease by using the web world.
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Thank you, Stephanie, and welcome to the forum.

Could you share a little more about your experience with "Laughter Yoga"?
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You can avoid your depression through Eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and taking time out for fun and relaxation. full version
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When you are in a bad mood, try to remember and concentrate on those situations in your life when you felt extremely happy and comfortable.
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You can avoid depression by avoiding people spamming about how to avoid depression.

If I'm wrong, I humbly apologise.
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Hi stephanie anna

I've been to 2 laughing yoga sessions a few years ago. It was an interesting experience. At that time there were groups getting together for healing of all kinds. Even hospital staff
getting together for 10-15 mins before or after a shift to laugh. Cancer survivors were meeting to laugh together.

From what I recall a whole hour session was too intense for me. 5-10 mins would be better for me. I don't know about others but the simply act of physically smiling can brighten my day. From what I understand laughing involves increasing endorphan levels.
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I just remembered that the instructor got involved with laughing yoga because of a deep depression she was going through. She'd been through a really dark time in her life after her house burned down & then a divorce. She was greatly helped by laughing.
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