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Since very low calorie diets can cause side effects, obesity experts recommend it only for severely obese people and only under medical supervision.Remedies for Weight Loss:Anorectic and anorexic - List, medicines, naturalFormulas for slimmingMedicines for weight loss under medical prescription should be used only if you are prone to health problems caused by excess weight.

You should not use these drugs to improve their appearance. Medicaments under medical prescription for weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, may help some obese adults lose weight.

However, further research before these medicines can be widely recommended, is needed to determine its effectiveness and long term safety. Whatever the results, drugs for weight loss prescription should be used only as part of an overall program that includes long-term changes in your eating habits and physical activity. follow this approach

You may consider surgery to decrease the stomach to promote weight loss if you are over 36 pounds overweight.The surgery causes weight loss in two ways: 1) by limiting the amount of food your stomach can get to close or remove portions of it, or 2) by causing food to be poorly digested by disrupting the stomach and parts of the intestines.
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