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An identified 29-year-old woman died this week after receiving a late-term abortion at the Germantown 'reproductive health' Center in Germantown, MD. Dr. Leroy Carhart, a nationally known pro-abortion doctor, performs late-term abortions. They chose the best.

So sad to see the obituary of this woman and her daughter. Eerie. Wrong.
The cause of death is so conspicuously absent. Would there even have been a funeral for her aborted daughter if the mother hadn't followed her to her death just days after Carhart injected the baby's heart with a lethal poison?

This woman was a school teacher from New York. She and her husband, who was her high school sweetheart, wanted their baby girl until they discovered it had fetal abnormalities. She travelled to Carhart's abortion mill with her husband and parents to have her baby killed, presumably a 'mercy killing,' in a process that takes several days. She walked right past pro-lifers who noted she looked pale and weak. They warned her of the dangers of late term abortion. They prayed for her. They tried to stop her.

Maybe this poor woman was told her little girl would not live long, maybe just a few hours or days. (Nobody knows how long any of us will live).

Maybe she was told the child would suffer greatly (Nobody can avoid suffering in this life...). Maybe the couple was frightened at the prospect of a handicapped child who would require a lot of care, and they couldn't face the possibility of such a burden (all children require a lot of care and sacrifice). Maybe she didn't have faith that God would give her grace to cope with the birth. Carhart's abortion clinic advertises: When you simply have to get an abortion, we're here for you."

But is killing the pre-born, genetically defective child the best way to cope?

This morning I was struck, or imagined, that this woman's spirit is crying out "NO!...please don't let anybody go through this....Believe God's love for you and your baby."

Perinatal hospice was designed as the loving way to cope. I found this 5-minute video that describes this very beautiful ministry. I thank God for the men and women who make this possible for those in need.

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Sad story, Shasha. I hope it can serve as a warning to others.

That's a nice little video, though. Good find.
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The POTUS and other politicians are always talking about "our fellow Americans". If only we could convince them and the rest of America that the unborn babies of "our fellow Americans" are "OUR fellow Americans."
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