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We teach our kids that chance is a misconception. The idea originally came from Augustine, but, seems to apply a lot in our world where it seems like chance (and, when things are going more poorly, chaos) are in control of our world. I often talk to my kids about not using phrases like "Good luck" but rather to search for words based on certainty and faith that God is in control. Believing in chance seems to me to result from the acceptance that all we see is all there is and there is no possibility of order transcending our knowledge or experience. In short, accepting chance is an issue of pride (that we do know everything and can judge rightly) and relinquishing God-given authority over our lives and callings to some unidentified entity(ies). Thought most people never look at it this way I see it as a bit of a cop out and a way to get out of having to believe God is really who he says he is and will do what he says he will do. When chance has power over our lives there can be no certainty, no faith, and, no hope. Thoughts?
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