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This is a History Channel special.
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Excellent, except for the usual misinformation about the Gnostics, who were much admired by the script writers.

Using the image on the Shroud of Turin as its basis, a team of scientists use the most recent digital graphic technologies to tease out of it a 3d dimension of the man who was buried (most likely, Jesus). There's a photo slide show and a few articles on the site. Note that you can also purchase the DVD or download the episode on iTunes. I highly recommend it. Just amazing!

One moving aspect for me was the digital enhancement of the blood stains. The poor man was literally shredded by the scourging he'd received and had probably almost bled to death by the time he was crucified.
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I hope I get a chance to see this. I usually shy away from the History Channel, but based on the YouTube clips I saw, this looks most interesting!

Phil, I am curious: Are you fully convinced the Shroud of Turin is real? I know too little to have an opinion.
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There's good, solid science at work in this program, as with the Shroud study team from the late 70s.

My personal leaning is that the Shroud is indeed the burial cloth of Jesus, and that the image was formed when his body was radiated in resurrection, leaving a negative photographic impression on the threads. I suspect it's all part of God's providential way of calling attention to the factual reality of Jesus' death and resurrection during a time in history when so many doubt, and yet the technology exists to investigate this remarkable relic.
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As a journalist, HP, you have to admit that this is a damned good story! Smiler
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I bought this on DVD at Barnes and Noble last week, after watching some parts of it on YouTube. "Amazing" is the right word.

About a month ago, if I recall correctly, another statement was made by a group of Italian scientists about the nature of the image on the Shroud.
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