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I am new to this forum, but have been reading your posts off-and-on for years. This is an excellent group, and I feel blessed for the technology and people that put this together. Thank you!

On another note, I have a medical problem that I'm wondering if it might be related to a Kundalini surge I had many years ago.

About 3 years ago I developed a right facial paralysis that the docs say is related to a chronic right ear infection that has apparently been ongoing for "quite some time." Apparently the facial nerve runs through the ear canal, and the skull in that area has remodeled and sclerosed because of chronic infections. In addition, I have a chronic sphenoid sinusitis deep behind my eyes. Both the sinus and ear problems are rather painful.

About 20 years ago I had a Kundalini experience after doing Centering Prayer for 6 years. The experience was intense and difficult, and lasted about one year. I remember having a lot of throat sensations, some ear ringing, but otherwise not much activity above the throat.

I stopped doing Centering Prayer back then because I lost trust in it, and did no real meditation or prayer for more than 20 years. However, I continued to feel a strong desire to connect with God, but never did more than some light vocal prayer since then. I am now in my mid-50s.

Any thoughts on if this could be Kundalini smoldering for that long? If so, any suggestions on exercises or therapies, etc.?
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Hi Kristine. Welcome to the forum.

You are asking whether kundalini may have contributed to the experience of facial paralysis that you developed around 3 yrs ago? I think that's what I understand.

That's so difficult to say for sure. It seems you have a good diagnosis from your doctor, however. Kundalini process certainly does stimulate the nervous system, including that facial nerve you referred to. I've had "kundalini ears" for about 30 years now -- lots of commotion there, at times. It may be that the pressure points in the ears are being energized as well.

Not sure if you want to process why you lost trust in Centering Prayer, but feel free to say something about that if you'd like. Maybe something like Lectio Divina would work better for you at this time in life. It sounds like you still have a longing for deeper relationship with God.
- see for some teaching on dialogical prayer.

Peace, Phil
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Hi Phil,

Thanks for your response. Yes, my medical condition is under observation, but any treatment could have some serious complications.

As I'm waiting for further medical treatment (which could be quite some time), I thought about energy-related issues. Have been receiving acupuncture, and the moxa treatments really are great. Needling also provides some temporary relief.

As for my loss of trust in Centering Prayer, I agree with your assessment and recently started Lectio Divina with good results. In fact, my Lectio has a little, but highly effective, twist. Instead of mentally meditating on the word or phrase that catches my attention, I slowly write it in a book - over and over. Don't know why it works so well, but it does.

My distrust of Centering was related to the premise of "dismantling the false self." Basically, I no longer agree with this concept as I believe it had a lot to do with triggering the Kundalini. Yes, there is an unloading of the unconscious, but we need that ego as a regulator between the unconscious and conscious worlds. Without it, as CG Jung says, we run the risk of becoming subsumed in the unconscious material.

So now I do a period of Lectio, with writing, then relax into a gentle, loving surrender of my whole self to God for a brief period. I like the concept that Francis Vaughn says, "make friends with the ego's limitations." So it's not good to beat up a friend :-)
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Kristine, I agree that centering prayer can stir up unconscious energies and weaken Ego defenses. A couple of 20 min. periods a day will most likely not deconstruct the Ego, however. We surely do need a healthy Ego in this life. I've emphasized that point on this forum and in my writings for years.

Glad to hear you've found a method of Lectio that works for you, and that the acupuncture therapy is helping. All very hopeful.
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