The Kundalini Process: A Christian Understanding
by Philip St. Romain
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Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality
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Here's a clip from Bill Johnson, one of my favorite teachers. He describes what sounds like a kundalini awakening-- currents of power...can't sleep because of the earthquake...lost control of my limbs, afraid I'd lost the ability to function, etc.

It's interesting to me to hear how it came about for him and how intimately connected it appears to be with the Holy Spirit and his healing gifts.

The sermon is dated March 15 and is called Feeding Alligators. The sharing about this power "encounter" (as he calls it) begin at 4:15 and ends around 10 minutes. The rest of the sermon is great too. I enjoyed it very much. It's on the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom.
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Yes, sounds like the Holy Spirit has activated the kundalini in him, and he's found a way to understand it through mostly faith alone. I wonder what he might think if he knew this was an energy experienced by Hindus and Buddhists? That can be the trouble as well: not only having a map, but finding that the map contains some sign-posts that seem foreign. Not that the HS and kundalini are to be equated at all, but that the psychological impact of k can be so enormous, as you know, that it can take time to realize the differences between the two and real limitations of k from a Christian perspective. And there's the unloading of such things as child abuse memories, pains, etc . . . that in some churches are simply not dealt with, or might even present as a threat to how church families are perceived and ministered to.

But this guy, so far as I've listened, seems down to earth. He sounds like a real person to me, not the unfortunate preacher persona that smacks of the false self distortions so common to those who refuse to let such transformations occur psychologically. I'll have to listen more to have the confidence I need to really give him the benefit of the doubt, but found myself wanting to listen further.

We in the RC church often miss good sermons where the focus is on "What's your relationship with God really like?" Many of us are quite lukewarm and would prefer to stay that way.

I'll open a new thread, perhaps. Something like "Where's your cross?" The emphasis would be on where we find ourselves in resistance to Him, and how this presents us with our most important challenge as Christians.
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