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Picture of Eden
This is my first post, so hello everyone Smiler

I'm trying to get a better idea of what the difference is between Kundalini and the Holy Spirit. Looking around here, I can see that the general consensus is that they ARE different - although due to my experiences I'm not convinced either way.

About a year and a half ago, I asked God to baptize me in the Holy Spirit. This was a fairly new concept to me, as the Holy Spirit had never been emphasized in my previous learnings.
I didn't perceive anything at the moment, but I believed that because I had asked, he had done it.

A while later (probably a few weeks) someone prayed with me for healing, and that night when I was climbing into bed, what felt like a warm river rolling through me, and I also became quite breathless. I knew right away that it was the Holy Spirit.
This was the beginning of a series of manifestations -

-gentle swaying of my head and body when in prayer or meditation or just sitting in stillness

-Spontaneous kriyas, stretching, moving, etc.

-speaking in tongues

-singing in tongues

-spontaneous and outrageous laughter

-a feeling of drunkeness without drinking alcohol

-bliss and ecstasy


-strong energy in my body, pelvic region, abdominal region, all over

-warmth and cold rolling through my body

-flashes of light

-purple light when eyes are closed

-pleasant scrubbing feeling in third eye area

-passing it to other people, as in touching them or praying for them and they fall down, start laughing, go into bliss.

-two different times what felt like a massive amount of energy went up me and exploded out the top of my head, after which the symptoms of health problems went away - but came back about a week later.
the first time this happened, someone was praying for me, and the second time I was in a roomful of people worshipping.

None of this has been painful, in fact it's been wonderful. I've had positive internal changes, such as shedding a lot of anger and living with more joy, forgiving people, restoration of relationships, more accepting of myself.

I'm quite confused how one would determine whether this was HS or K? It all just feels like love to me.
Much of it probably doesn't line up with most Christian experiences of HS, but it also doesn't fully line up with K.
Which I suppose is why I'm not convinced that they're two separate things, but rather different manifestations of the same spirit.
Of course, I'm fully open to the idea that they are two completely different experiences - just looking for discussion. Smiler Smiler Smiler Smiler
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Picture of Phil
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Hi Eden. Welcome to the forum.

We've had a long discussion of K and the Spirit at the link below, which you may have already checked out.

I think one analogy to draw would be between the HS and tears. Often, when people surrender to the Spirit, they experience tears -- of joy, repentance, cleansing, etc. Yet no one would say that the experience of tears was the same as the HS, nor even a sure fire sign of the Spirit. People experience tears for lots of other reasons -- sadness,for example, or onions. Smiler It's something similar to the K phenomena, which sometimes accompanies HS renewal, but sometimes manifests in other contexts. Also, it would be a mistake to think that the HS is only active when those kinds of phenomena are taking place; sometimes the Spirit operates in a silent, hidden way.

It sounds like you're having a wonderful experience of renewal. May it continue.
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I gotta say, this is very interesting what you said. I also felt it all seems like love. I think kundalini and the holy spirit are much the same thing. both really are enlightening, and all I've felt either way seems very much the same.
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well, I guess I should've read more info on the differences like you said before I get all excited and share my point of view. its very interesting though you had a lot the same response as I did. that's where I got excited.
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