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Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality
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Hi my name is David. A little background on me......I am a new Kundalini Christian. I think I am about 11 or so years into transformation. I am currently at the point of body vibrations mainly felt when I wake up at night and for the last year K Awakening seems to be focused on my head/brain I believe. Before the body vibrations started I felt a pressure in my head, mainly at the sixth chakra. I let it do its thing over a few days and my body felt like it was being scanned from my eye brows down to the tips of my toes literally. I think it was looking for any problem areas. A few times after that a felt like energy rush up and out of me. I think it was testing my system and making a connection? My newest symptom if you will is tenderness on the crown and back of my head. I have the usual bugs crawling, itching, ears constantly ringing and static kind of feeling but that feels like the normal everyday occurrences you just get used to. Is it possible to timeline how much further we have to go......months, years? The main reason I am reaching out is to see if anyone can give me any kind of advice.....pre and post full blown K Awaking? What to do? What not to do? What to watch out for, what to run with? An example question is when I begin to see and hear in the spirit, is there anything to watch for in regards to discernment? I know that everything that sparkles isn't good. Is there literature to read to prepare? Is a specific type of meditation recommended or should that be avoided? There is a lot of negative stuff online and this site took a while to find. I read a question that asked if Kundalini is what Adam and Eve had before the fall. I have felt that that is what is happening to me and I am believing that was confirmation that this site is where I need to be. I thank you in advance for any responses.
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Hi David. Welcome to the forum.

I can only imagine how people with no knowledge of kundalini regard a post like this, but those of us who have/are undergoing this process understand very well what you are talking about. There's just no end to the list of unusual symptoms that show up, but usually there's also a kind of peace about it -- like things are unfolding as they need to, and we don't even need to fully understand what's going on, or what's next.

The "big picture" is that this process is transforming/acclimating the body and psyche to accommodate deepening spiritual consciousness -- sort of like a balloon that is being stretched, and "un-sticking" as it does so. What is called for on our part is to keep our focus on love of God and others -- just living a spiritual life, really, and that especially includes disciplines of prayer and meditation. If we keep God first, then we can trust that the integration process will unfold as it should, even if it is painful, at times, and that we will be given to know what to do when we need to do something.

I have compiled a list of "helpful practices" from my own experiences and from the literature. As you will see, others have contributed to that discussion as well.
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Hi David,

You've come to a good place. Phil's background is quite rich in experience and you may wish to read his book on the site. My own experience's tend to lean more toward St. Thomas' teachings, but my own journey can be had in a brief recollection recently published at...

You can read for free if you have Amazon KindleUnlimited.

FWIW, my own journey has taken 40 years, and parallels Evelyn Underhill's path in her book Mysticism (also available on Amazon Kindle).

Kundalini is an interesting energy...we all have it, but it remains relatively dormant until the right circumstances occur. Meditation/contemplation help... a great deal!

Keep asking questions Smiler
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