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Hope this post doesn't violate the forum rules, but wanted to share something noteworthy.

NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) is a supplement that was prescribed for me to reduce mucus in my chronic sinusitis and ear infections that have resulted in right facial paralysis. The dosage of 500mg three times a day is, indeed, helpful. However, my research shows it is also being tested for some neurologic and psychiatric conditions with good results.

NIH Study of NAC

Although not having an "active" kundalini at this time, I do have intermittent vibrations during meditation. After starting NAC I noticed my meditation was substantially calmer. It was quite a noticeable difference, and I'm a strong skeptic of supplement efficacy!

Although kundalini is considered "spiritual," I suspect there are neurologic correlates (remapping the brain, etc.?).

Any thoughts on the usefulness of NAC to help in problematic kundalini episodes?
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Hi Kristine

Sorry to hear you have problems there. Sinusitis, associated headaches, migraines and other symptoms are no fun for any length of time.

Being in a poorly ventilated/high humidity environment with/or without the added presence of airborne particulates/chemicals for any length of time is a good way to get sinusitis. My Doctors advice was to move to a new job. Smiler

I have no idea about NAC but would ask you to look into the subject of the movement of prana within the body aside from the "route 1" Kundalini experience.
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