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I am interested how people with activated kundalini eat, and how they feel it affects them. I google and read about it, and I read that super green smoothies and salads are recommended, and eating less and fewer times. And doing fasting once in a while. You see, quite extreme.
But I feel all that Would probably be a good thing spiritually.

However, I wonder if this is what must be done -how "far" people have gone spiritually with a certain diet. I'm sure the diet matters so
how often do you eat (and exercise btw)?
are you of healthy weight?
what do you eat -e.g. raw vegan or standard american diet?
how often and what kind of fasting you do?
how is kundalini?

I'm a newbie, even i have recently realised my kundalini got most likely activated already in 2011 after an encounter with a shaman -it explains a lot of suffering/supernatural experiences/k symptoms I had afterwards (even immediately). Now i'm ok, very ok, but in addition to feeling energy in the spine and energy flows in the spine, nothing miraculous is happening right now. But my diet changes once in a while to a certain extent, and now i'm pretty much a vegan -when i eat fish, i notice meditation is not so good for a couple of days. i eat healthily and try to incorporate raw foods -i had a 6 month tiredness (& sickness) period recently, which ended after i started to eat more raw. and i have noticed i must eat a lot of raw, otherwise i become sluggish and feel less good. yet i eat quite a lot of grains, for instance, and sour-dough bread (it's the traditional way of making bread here).
but i eat a lot and quite often. probably too much and too often but eating is a psychological comfort, i think. yet i'm of very healthy weight, and i exercise regularly.
fasting i did twice -5 days of drinking water and a little bit of lemon-honey mixture in the morning and in the evening. both times were a hell.
so the content of my food is fine i think but probably too much and too often. or am i just too demanding to myself ?

as i understand it, eating less and fasting would be good because then the body has less work to do with the digestion, and the resources can go on healing and whatever.

however, eating is soooo nice.
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Hello, bear,

I cannot advise you on kundalini and diet, since I have no personal experience with kundalini.

However, on the subject of diet, for the last three months I have been following Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution. It is a book you can buy on Amazon. Basically, it falls into the category of a moderately "low carb" diet. You cut back on carbohydrates and sugars, and you replace them by above-the-ground vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables. Of course, you must read the book to get all the details.

The effects on me are as follows.

My body weight, which was excessively high, has now fallen by 10%.

My blood pressure was too high, and I have now been able to cut my hypertension medication in half, while still maintaining normal blood pressure.

And my fasting blood glucose was also too high, and after three months, it has returned to normal. (For anyone who has really high blood glucose, there is a new book coming out next week by Dr. Jason Fung titled The Diabetes Code, which recommends fasting as a cure for type 2 diabetes.)

Some people say we should all eliminate grains from our diet. However, if you are of healthy weight and you exercise regularly, probably your diet is okay? It sounds like it is working for you.
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Great topic and response! Smiler

Glad to hear you're doing OK, bear, and that your diet is working out so well, Derek.

My short response to the question of kundalini and diet is that one needs to pay attention to how various foods affect mood, clarity of awareness, sleep, etc. There is no one-size-fits-all, here. Generally, it seems that a balanced diet of whole foods works best for most -- iow, giving the body what it really needs. This entails depriving the body of what it doesn't need and what is harmful -- junk food, preservatives, etc. Avoiding allergenic foods is also necessary, and that will be different for each of us. E.g., I am somewhat allergic to onions, cabbage and grapefruit, so I avoid these as much as I can.

Once the process stabilizes, it seems there's a bit more "slack" with diet and lots of other factors. At this time in my life, I will have an occasional alcoholic beverage, or a "sinful" dessert, etc. Moderation in all things seems to be the key.

Jana Dixon's web site on Biology of Kundalini has an amazing abundance of information on kundalini and diet, so you might check that out.
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yes i have also heard that one would be better to minimise the use of grain in the diet. i suppose quinoa and amaranth are ok.

however, there is often a difference between what one thinks would be an ideal diet and what one actually eats.

yes, biology of kundalini is a wonderful source of information. there the writes says at one point that what she eats is a smoothie in the morning and a salad in the afternoon.

what does it mean that kundalini is stabilised? is the point of it to stabilise? i suppose in most people it does stabilise as otherwise everyone with kundalini activation would get eventually near to enlightement? of course here it also matters what we think the purpose and meaning of kundalini is. as if the purpose is to get enlightened, would it be good then to keep poking the kundalini e.g. through fasting or through whatever method so that it keeps doing stuff taking us further? i may well be very wrong here. Smiler

i have also heard that women don't get liberated at least without the help of a man, and regardless of whether that is true, anyway not many people get enlightened in this lifetime, if enlightement is true, so i suppose the spiritual point in life is to go further and surf the wave, not to get anxious of not achieving any half-surreal goals. i may be very wrong here also. Smiler
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Hi bear. There definitely are "stages" of kundalini activity, and eventually one does find a new balance in consciousness and lifestyle. I've never heard anything about women being unliberated without men (nor vice versa); truly, we all need each other in our spiritual journey.

I've addressed a wide range of issues about kundalini in my new book, "The Kundalini Process: A Christian Perspective." See the link at the top of the page.
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