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I wrote briefly this morning in the thread of Shroud of Turin in Books and Movie reviews, sort of querying as to whether any have ever had a mystical experience when contemplating the Shroud and then departed for my prayers before sleep, which came with many tears. I just feel Christ drawing me so deeply to Him. I’ve wakened just a bit a go with a very holy feeling and beholding a vision of being amidst the 12 apostles. Of late, my thoughts have turned greatly to my early life seeking of Christ, the experiences that came then, and then the experiences that came twenty years later, when the kundalini awakening came. I do believe the experiences of my later years were precipitated by my early life experiences. That all of them were resultant from my longing to know God/Jesus. I have felt like He has had his hand on me all of my life, and this is in great part why I say I feel like I am coming home to Him after wandering so long. There were many inner movements when my awakening came ten years ago, but two of the most significant were when reading about an article speaking of those in Christ and then when reading about the Shroud of Turin. Granted, the first article I mention was a New Agey article. I do believe it was my first read of anything New Agey, for when my awakening came I was not seeking anything outside of myself. I had no active spiritual practice, save that of my own naturally contemplative nature. I often see my life as one in which God has secretly held and carried me. He was always there, this I know. Anyhow, when reading the article, the grace I felt that caused the activation of the kundalini was one that came from above. I felt a divine beam of light come down upon me/in me that so filled me and my heart that I ended up sitting in my chair with chest raised and arched as if heavenward. It was like being held in traction under/by this light. I sat there like this for several moments, arms hanging out at my sides. It was incredibly Holy feeling. It was then that I felt the activation of all of my chakras. It was only a few days later that I was reading about the Shroud of Turin from an online website. I do believe it was this website that is still up today: As I read, I experienced what I can only describe as a profound “quickening” of my spirit. It was as though I felt/experienced some deep connection to the Shroud. As I read, the energy in me became so profound, it was as if I was vibrating (my entire being) with intense spiritual light. This went on for many moments. This is why I asked if any others have ever had or heard of others having any experiences connected to the Shroud. Whether or not the Shroud is authentic, I cannot say/argue from any scientific point of view, but the experience I had told me that (without a doubt), Jesus body was resurrected … because that is exactly what this energy that sat in me felt like. It was quite powerful.

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I have felt like He has had his hand on me all of my life, and this is in great part why I say I feel like I am coming home to Him after wandering so long.

That's for sure, Kristi, and it sounds like He's speaking to you reassurance in many different ways, including the Shroud, which I believe to be a testament to his suffering and his glory.

I've never had mystical experiences related to considering the Shroud, but have been deeply moved by books and videos on this topic. It has brought home to me the reality of Jesus' life and the torture he endured. I'd encourage anyone reading this thread to check out the link posted by Kristi. Also, do a search on youtube and you'll come upon some interesting clips.
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Hi Kristi

I just passed your posting here.
The only thing i can say about experience about the Shroud is, that i sometimes have "pictures" of Jesus in my meditations, and it happened recently that i saw the Face of the Shroud right in front of me.

Some additional commentaries:

- reading in the diaries of Sr Faustina (You know, the picture with the red and white rays coming out of His Heart and the subscription "Jesus, i trust in you") there is a message where Jesus told Sr Faustina: "Don t you see the similarity of this picture and the Shroud of Turin" (Sorry, i cannot give you the source right now)
- Physicists have tested with a C14 method that the age of the Shroud seems to be about 900 years old, only. But someone has found out that they took probabely a cutout of the Shroud at a point where Shroud was restaured from a former burning, so the cloth at this place is not the original one.
They should have made this C14 test from a part of the Shroud where one still sees the burning. So the question of authentasy seems to be still open.
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