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Angels assisting SEALs Login/Join
Around the time I was experiencing a Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit as a child, I was shown an instance where Navy SEALs get assistance from Angels. A boat crew of 5 SEALs was shot at by an enemy on shore, and I believe one gun on the boat, I don't think it was 2, returned fire on the enemy. The way I saw this was like it was real life, and on a magic carpet that took me right up close to what was happening. Every bullet fired had 24 bullets placed in a line, I think 12 on each side of the initial bullet. Heads rolled off of the enemy, people were cut in half, limbs were cut off, and one scenario happened at the end. When the SEALs were leaving, an enemy stepped out to start firing, and his heart was removed from his chest and dropped in his lap before he hit the ground. His ribcage was shattered and his spinal cord was severed in different places from the impact of what hit him. I also saw another boat crew and a voice said something to the nature of "all of them are going to shoot", and "they're about to cut the trees down, all of them". Then a black screen came up and red letters said "You will not see this, You will die from shock". I was a little kid, and from the scenario of one gun firing at shore I went into shock and had to be sedated. Just an experience I figured I'd share. Those guys have to return fire, not initiate to get this assistance.

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