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Lazarus being comforted on the lap of Father Abraham could clearly see and interact with the rich man yet both sides could not cross between them, an invisible barrier and shield prevented them from being together.

Earth also has these spiritual borders and boundaries amongst humanity. We all need to pray for God's shield of protection and His hedge around us. Within a city, town, country peoples, groups, nationalities can be benevolent and enslaving borders, some we may be lured into, others that cannot be penetrated although we interact with one another. Our daily exchanges are with God's angels, fallen angels, Saints, sinners,children who truly are faithful and loyal to God, demons and devils. We are bombarded by forces in high places that want to control and enslave humanity.

Can you share an experience of entrapment and freedom from such a crossing of a boundary?.

Some boundaries cannot be crossed at all and yet we can interact with members on the other side like Abraham, Lazarus and the rich man.
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Gregory could you please share your experience with the Test and what you learned from same. Smiler
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Faithfulness to God's Will for us is a hedge and protection and guards us from many dangers that lurk all around us daily. Still things do happen; why?, we do not have the answers and must rely on our faith trusting that in the end all things work together for the goodness and Glory of God. In this world of unpredictability, uncertainty, illusions, etc., intertwined are the forces and energies of goodness and evil. The dark king of this earth never sleeps, keeping a constant vigil as to who to enslave, kill, and rob. He ever burns with his hatred for the children of light and love who have given their lives to Christ.

As Gregory mentions the "Test", which comes to all of us at one time or another. It is our free wills that we use wrongly in our pursuits of the pleasures of the flesh, desires of the eyes, power and control, money and addictions that make us leave the safety of God's hedge around us as we cross into the borders and boundaries of temptation and entrapment of our souls who then are thrown deeper into darkness, without the awareness that we have left the light which dims in our further descending into further sinning, and God's hedge no longer guards us due to our defiance.

The fowler always has his snares set for the capture of our souls. Daily we must stay alert to the dangers of crossing over into the territories of our enemies. Only in our total submission to God's Will and righteous living can we stay within the boundaries of God's hedge and it's protection.

The recent murder of a New York student clearly demonstrates a crossing of spiritual boundaries. The allure of alcohol, bars, the darkness of night and strangers robbed her of the ability to think clearly as she became another victim of the darkness whose predators seem to flourish more so during the night than the daylight. My heart goes out to her family and her now departed soul, as my prayers surround them.

I know of a woman who lives outside of Harlem fighting her addiction to drugs and slipping further daily into another level of existence. How often have I told her to cross the street, from the basement room of an apartment house she lives in, and to enter a safe refuge by attending the small Gospel Church she has mentioned. The choir voices fill the air on a Sunday as the lost and hurting children gather in that area to assemble in a stupor. I tell her God is calling you, cross into the border across the street, there are brothers and sisters alive in Spirit rejoicing with their angelic voices. So far she has not listened to my pleas. The street divides the spiritual living from the spiritually dead who do not know that they have no life in them. There is a prince of darkness controlling the multitude of the area she lives in. He rules them with an iron fist. So close to freedom they all are, these poor souls, yet so far away they are in spirit and fredom.

Unless this woman hears the call of the Spirit, she will no longer hear the voices of the alive ones in Christ. She will not even remember then the Church being across the street.

I earnestly pray right now, dear Lord Jesus Christ please lead one of these children across so that one child may know you as the Living God, Savior, and worker of all miracles. Thank you Lord. One child at a time sweet Jesus, one child at a time, dear Lord. Amen
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